Earth Hour is Today – Don’t Miss It!

Do you ever wonder, when you're driving downtown, looking up at the tall buildings, and notice that floors and floors of lights are all on? I know I do. We all know there aren't 100's of people working at 10pm on a Tuesday, so why are so many windows lit up amongst the stars?

This is a classic example of how much we waste electricity, and today is all about being conscious of how much electricity we really use. It always amazes me how much I use, guilt free too. From long showers, to walking away from the TV without turning it off, or unnecessarily turning on my room baseboard heater instead of putting on a sweater or wrapping myself in a blanket.

So from 8:00pm till 9:00pm local time, we at Botanical PaperWorks challenge you, to turn off your lights for Earth Hour! Even here at work, before we leave at the end of the day, we make sure to shut everything off before closing up. You can even make it a fun experience by playing a board game in the dark, or having a late dinner by candlelight. Earth Day may be a month away but don't wait till April 22nd to be green, starting thinking about how you can use less electricity now! It will make you and your wallet feel good too when your Hydro bill comes in.

From all of us at Botanical PaperWorks, Happy Earth Hour!


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