Easter Egg Decorating Ideas: Day 2

As promised, I'm back again today to assist in spurring your crafty creativity with some fun Easter egg decorating ideas.

Like I said in yesterday's blog post, I've always loved preparing these bright, spring-colored eggs for my family's big Easter dinner. What I don't like, is making a fun, relaxing event too complicated. These Easter egg decorating ideas are SO easy to do, it makes for a really great project with kids of all ages.

So, our decorating adventure starts in my kitchen. To make all the Easter eggs you saw in yesterday's blog post, you will need:

• Hardboiled eggs
• Four mugs and spoons (I've always found mugs work best for egg dunking)
• Boiled water
• White vinegar
• Food coloring (red, blue, green and yellow)
• Paper towels or napkins
• Elastics
• Small star stickers
• White crayons

Put about half a cup of boiled water and a tablespoon of vinegar into each mug. Stir and add a color from your dyes into each cup. Personally, I really like bright eggs, and don't have the patience to wait for the eggs to color. I usually put about 30 drops of dye in each cup, way more than what the package recommends.

So, let's get to the Easter egg decorating ideas – that's what you're here for, right? I'm going to start with the blue star egg. It's my favorite, and so easy to do!

Start with your white egg (you can also pre-color it to have a base color!). Make sure the egg is dry, and place the star stickers all over the egg. As many or as little you like. Just be sure the points of the stars are all stuck down firmly. Mine looked like this:

easter egg plantable paper

The next step is to dunk the egg into your food coloring of choice. I chose blue. Gently use a spoon to move the egg around in the dye, so it's evenly colored. When the color is as light or dark as you want it to be, use the spoon to pull out the egg, and place it on a couple layers of paper towel to dry. When your egg is dry, remove the stickers to reveal your fancy new egg!

easter egg plantable paper

Next up in our Easter egg decorating ideas is the pink swirl-design egg. Again, a really easy decorating technique goes a long way in making your eggs look really special. All you need to do is grab your white crayon, and firmly draw whatever pattern you would like onto your egg.

You won't be able to see what you draw, but if you want to, colored crayons work just as well. It was really fun as a kid when we would customize the eggs with everyone's name on them. As an adult, it's a really creative alternative to using place cards (although, plantable place cards are fun, too!).

Anyway, here is what the finished crayon-drawn egg looks like!

easter egg plantable paper

Both of today's eggs were then safely tucked into our basket filled with plantable confetti.

And that's it for today! Tomorrow I'll be back with more Easter egg decorating ideas. I will show you how you can creatively use those same four mugs of dye to create a wide range colors and on your eggs and in your basket.


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  1. I’ve found, over the years, that the cheaper crayons work MUCH better than Crayola. I don’t know if it’s a different kind of wax, or what, but before Easter, I’ll take my son out to eat and check out their crayons. If they have cheap, no-name crayons, I’m grabbing them for Egg Decorating! Over the last few years, I’ve built up a nice stash.

    • Thanks Mkyla! And Laura, that’s really good to know! I’m about to whip up another batch of eggs for dinner this weekend, I’ll have to test out your theory. Your comment up building up a nice stash made me laugh 🙂

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