Easter Egg Decorating Ideas: Day 3

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

I’m back today with the last installment of our Easter egg decorating ideas. Today is all about COLOR! Those fantastically bright spring colors are so easy to create with a basic kit of the four standard dye colors; red, blue, green and yellow.

easter egg decorating ideas

First up is our purple and pink egg, textured with lines:

easter egg decorating ideas

This idea is so simple to do. My first step was simply dying the egg in the red dye, until it was really nice bright pink. Next, I wrapped the middle of the egg with elastic bands! I dipped the egg a second time, but this time, into the blue dye. Again, I waited until the egg was a bright, vibrant color. By combining blue and pink, I got a lovely shade of purple on most of the egg. Just wait until the egg is dry, and remove the elastics.

The last egg for the week uses my favorite of all the Easter egg decorating ideas, and again, it is incredibly easy to create wonderfully colorful designs.

Start by dipping your egg into a base color. In this case, I chose yellow. Gently pat it dry, and dip about half the egg into another color – it looks better with a color that mixes nicely together. So, I chose green. The result looked like this:

easter egg decorating ideas

Next, I dipped the larger end of the egg into the red dye, which resulted in a really nice pink! Take a look:

easter egg decorating ideas

To finish the egg off, I dipped the smaller side of the egg into the blue dye. The result is a beautifully striped, four-color egg!

easter egg decorating ideas

This technique is so easy, and needs no special prep work at all, which is great for me, and a great project to try with your kids as well.

Hopefully, you’ve found our Easter egg decorating ideas helpful as you start your own decorating adventure! And just in case you missed it from the other day, here’s how this year’s Easter basket turned out! It’s been stuffed with shredded plantable confetti, so everyone can take a few handfuls home to plant when the weather gets a little bit warmer.

easter egg decorating ideas

Have a great weekend everyone!


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