Eco-Friendly Christmas Cracker Favors

Eco-friendly DIY Christmas Cracker Project

For family holidays and special occasions, Christmas Crackers are fun for all ages and are easy to make. The crackers can be placed at the place setting of guests at a holiday dinner or handed out at a New Year's party. Here's what you'll need to get started:

Supply List

1 sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 plantable seed paper
1 cardboard toilet tissue tube
1 pull-snapper, available at craft supply stores such as Michael's
1 party favor such as small novelty erasers, bouncing balls or a wrapped chocolate
a joke, fortune or verse handwritten on a 1 x 3 inch strip of paper
2 raffia ties for each end
For tissue crown (instructions to follow): 1 sheet of tissue paper 30 x 20", glue or tape and scissors

How To Make This Project

1. Fill the tube with party favor, joke and paper crown.

2. Insert pull-snapper so that the ends protrude equally from the ends of the tube.

3. Wrap tube in plantable paper lengthwise and secure ends tightly with raffia. A small line of glue will seal the seam.

Instructions for paper crown (will make 4 crowns)

1. Fold the sheet in half, lengthwise, to make a rectangle 30 x 10"

2. Repeat step 1 so that the rectangle now measures 30 x 5"

3. Fold the long strip in half, end to end. Now the piece is 15 x 15"

4. Repeat step 3 to form a piece 7 1/2 x 5"

5. Cut V shapes out of one of the 7 1/2 x 5" ends

6. Open the folded pieces. Trim to 24" and glue the ends in place.

When you are done with your cracker, don't forget to recycle the toilet paper roll and plant the plantable see paper to enjoy beautiful colorful wildflowers.

Project written by Heidi Reimer-Epp and Mary Reimer, co-founders of Botanical PaperWorks Inc and authors of An Introduction to Papermaking, 300 Papermaking Recipes, The Encyclopedia of Papermaking and Bookbinding.


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