Eco-Friendly Event Planning Ideas

Eco-Friendly Event Planning Ideas

eco-friendly event planning ideas

We’ve all been to them before – conferences, luncheons, banquets, fundraisers, and many other corporate events. As great as they are for learning, networking and participation, they tend to leave behind quite a bit of waste.

Choosing to be eco-friendly when planning your next corporate event is a great step, and it’s really easy to do, too.

To help get the ideas flowing, we’ve put together a whole bunch of event planning ideas using seed paper plantable event stationery. So not only are you taking care of your attendees and their needs, you’re also showing your eco-commitment, and providing them with wonderfully eco-friendly takeaway items that they can then take home, plant, and grow flowers – and leave no waste behind!

Plantable Invitations
Announce your event, and invite your guest with plantable seed invitations. Available in a range of size options, just provide your full colour custom artwork and we’ll take care of the rest. Attendees are sure to remember this innovative and eco-friendly reminder of your upcoming event.

For event attendees
There are certain staples that are used for almost every event, and then discarded when the event is done. So why not provide your attendees with something they continue to use and appreciate long after the event is done?

custom seed paper name tag

Plantable name tags are available in the two most common sizes, to fit in your pre-existing sleeves. We can even use variable data to print the names for you.

custom plantable notepad

Plantable notepads, journals and notebooks are a helpful and useful giveaway for note-taking during and after the event. You can either submit your own full color custom artwork for the cover, or choose from one of our designs to add your logo and Pantone color to.

custom seed paper flat card

Plantable Flat Cards are an affordable and eco-friendly way to provide your attendees with a takeaway that shows how much you appreciate their participation. For under a dollar, you’re also giving each one a bouquet of flowers, too!

Choose from over 20 seed paper colors to tailor the flat card to your event, and either submit your own full color custom artwork, or choose from of our designs to customize with your logo and message.

Seed paper table settings
Imagine how fast conversation will start when your attendees see that their table is set with seed paper pieces? Items that are typically discarded at the end of the meal will instead be taken home and planted when the event is done.

custom seed paper place card

Submit your full color artwork for plantable place cards to coordinate with your event’s design. Additionally, we can also print your attendees names using variable data.

custom seed paper menu card

Seed paper menu cards are normally embedded with wildflower seeds, but why not have some extra fun and choose a custom seed paper to print your custom artwork on? Custom seed paper is available with vegetable and herb seeds too; things like tomatoes, carrots, parsley, dill, and basil – just to name a few.

Plantable wine bottle neck tags are a unique and memorable way to showcase additional sponsor advertising on the tables at your event, or to simply thank them and your guests for their participation. Provide your own full-color custom artwork to coordinate with your event.

For the breakfast bar
Seed paper coffee cup sleeves not only keep hands from getting too warm, but they’re a perfect opportunity to keep the branding for your event consistent. Where else would people be able to get a bouquet of flowers with their morning cup of coffee or tea?

We hope you’ve found this list helpful and inspiring for the next time you’re planning an event. Your eco-friendly choice is sure to be remembered and appreciated by all of your guests.

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