15 Eco-friendly Gifts Under $50

December is here, and you know what that means: gift shopping. Knowing what to get someone is the first thing to consider, and if you’re eco-conscious, there’s more planning involved. With so many options out there, how do you choose an eco-friendly gift? Where do you start looking for gifts that are sustainably made?

To help save you time and work within your secret santa budget, we put together a roundup of items that feel good to give and receive. From gardening accessories to self-care goods, use this list to help you get started.

Here are gift ideas that leave minimal waste behind, and come with a modest price tag:

Sustainable Tea

sustainable tea from Alaya

There’s nothing like a cup of hot tea on a relaxing night in. Make it feel even better for them with this tea made sustainably and packaged in compostable materials that reduce waste.

Find on Alayatea.co for $16


puzzle from GoodFit made out of recycled cardboard

Eye-catching and fun, these puzzles are made out of recycled cardboard material and designed by artists. Out of every purchase, the company also donates 10% of proceeds to a charity.

Find at GoodFit.us for $32


a composter from WordLet.ca

Need a gift that will help your recipient take their gardening to the next level? A composter is an eco-friendly gift that keeps giving. Compost adds nutrients to soil without the need for fertilizers and much more!

Find on Worldlet.ca for $49.99

Handmade Soaps with Seed Paper Wrapping

Since we all need to wash our hands, these soaps are a simple, thoughtful gift that anyone can use. Each handcrafted soap bar is made with natural and vegan ingredients.

Find on botanicalpaperworks.com


a green beanie made out of cotton

Keeping warm in the winter is necessary. These beanies will keep your recipient cozy, made ethically with 100% organic cotton. Plus, Tentree will plant ten trees with your purchase!

Find on tentree.ca for $30.00


earrings made out of recycled metals

If your recipient is the stylish kind, these earrings are ethically made from recycled materials.

Find on Arlokea.com for $29

Airpod Cases

airpods case from pelacase that's compostable

Cute and colorful, these airpod cases are compostable, keeping their buds safe without creating waste when they need a replacement.

Find on Pelacase.ca for $39.95

Kids Watering Can

kids watering can made out of recycled plastic

Need something for the little ones? This watering can is made out of 100% recycled plastic milk jugs and will inspire them to help their parents in the garden.

Find on Earthhero.com for $16.99

Mesh Produce Bags

reusable grocery produce bags

Make their regular grocery shopping experience waste-free with these reuable produce bags. They’ll feel good receiving these, and they won’t have to fiddle with pesky plastic bags in the aisles anymore!

Find on Zerowastemvmt.com for $25

Felt Plant Pots

felt plant pots

Looking for homes to give to their plant babies? These pots are biodegradable and recyclable. Plus, they give plants ample air and drainage to help them grow healthy.

Find on lcpshop.net for $22.90

Yoga Mat

jute yoga mat

For your active friends, this yoga mat is made with 100% jute and comes latex free.

Find on gaiam.com for $39.98

Reusable Masks

cotton reusable masks

Looking for a practical option? New face masks are something almost everyone on your gifting list will need. This set comes with three reusable masks made with 100% cotton material.

Find on Chapters.indigo.ca for $27

Embroidery Kit

DIY embroidery kit

This experience gift is perfect for crafty folks. They’ll get to create their own DIY home art to hang up after. The materials in the kit are made out of wood and cotton.

Find on Etsy.com for $32.06


plant gift from ecovibe

Bring greenery into your recipient’s home with the gift of a plant. This will freshen the air around them, connect them with nature, and give them a happiness boost.

Find on ecovibe.com for $25.00

Natural Soy Wax Candle

sustainable candle with teakwood and tobacco

Setting the mood in a sustainable way, these candles are made with 100% domestically-grown soy wax, fine fragrance oils, and cotton-core wicks.

Find on Pfcandleco.com for $20

This holiday season, spread joy and gifts that give back to the earth. You’ll feel good giving them, and your recipients will feel good receiving them too.

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