Eco-Friendly Hobby Ideas including sewing

Eco-friendly Hobbies that Feel Good to Start

As the end of the year approaches, the flurry of agendas, to-do lists, and resolution writing begins.

The fitness-focused open up new gym memberships. Budget planners promise to have fewer cups of specialty coffee. Others decide to prioritize moving up in their career by reading job descriptions and taking on more responsibilities in their work roles. For others, goal-setting is less about the hustle. If you find yourself feeling this way, you may want to try learning something new and fun.

Give yourself a break with these hobby ideas that boost your mood and are kind to the environment too.

There are many benefits to a new hobby. When done with others, there’s opportunity for connection and deepening relationships. They may also help lower stress and offer outlets for creative expression.

Here are a few to try:

1. Vegan Cooking

A cookbook with kale and lunch recipes

Meat production is contributes about 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emmissions. Try cooking more vegetable-based, vegan recipes. This isn’t just good for the Earth, it may lower your risk for various health problems.

2. Upcycle Furniture

A mid-century modern chaise and a retro suitcase converted into a sidetable

Get organized in the new year with a creative activity that will brighten up your living space. Upcycling furniture is a way to reduce waste and spruce up your space at the same time. Try painting a vintage dresser a bright color, or add legs to a suitcase for a fun side table.

3. Gardening

Getting your hands dirty is good for your health and environment. There’s actually a bacteria in soil that releases serotonin, the happiness hormone in our brain. Being outside in the run means more Vitamin D, as well. Read our article on the health benefits of gardening if you’re curious to know more!

4. Card & Letter Writing

an elderly lady writing a long letter

Since so much communication happens online these days, physical letters might be the welcome break you need from the screen. You can even take this to the next level by pairing it with calligraphy classes. To make it eco-friendly, try writing on paper made from recycled paper materials, such as these seed paper cards that your recipient can plant after to grow wildflowers.

5. Embroidery or Sewing

an embroidery hoop with a floral wreath design

Knowing how to work with needle and thread is both practical and creative. You’ll use these skills to add designs to old clothing, mend holes and reattach buttons. It will help you maintain and wear clothing items for a long time. Look for thread that’s made from recycled materials such as those from Amann Group.

6. Volunteer for an environmental organization or join a green activist group

Taking part in green community organizations will help you develop new friendships and find ways to take action for environmental causes. If you don’t know any groups in your area, try starting one on your own, or participate in annual Earth Day rallies.

7. Cycling, Hiking, and Camping

Boost your fitness and get close to nature by getting active outdoors. Instead of driving to a destination close to you, take a bike ride to lower carbon emissions. Or hike through your nearest national park. When we’re cooped up inside for too long, it’s easy to forget what makes our natural world beautiful and why it’s important to protect it.

We hope these ideas inspire you to start a hobby in 2022 that’s good for you and the Earth. Try a few and experiment. You’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process and may find something unexpected that you love!

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