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Encourage Wellness With These Promotional Gardening Gifts

No matter where you are, as long as you have access to healthy soil and seeds, anyone can start a garden. Having a space to grow food, connect with the earth, get exercise and chat with neighbors at a safe distance keeps our spirits up. Growing veggies at home mean fewer trips to the grocery store. Digging outside in the sun means increasing our happiness and lowering stress. It’s no surprise then that seed sales are at an all-time high.

Since March 2020, seed companies and sellers have had trouble keeping up with orders. In previous years, sales would drop in the summer and fall, but sales have only increased this year. Plus, the usual seed buyer demographic of people in their 50s or older has expanded to people in their 20s and 30s.

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As a business, you want to show your customers that you care about them and what they need. While face masks and health-related promotional products are popular giveaways, there are other options.

Right now, while it’s harder to access seeds, you’ll be doing customers a favor by sending seed promotions. They’ll remember your gift and have a positive experience while gardening with it, a welcome break from the concerns the pandemic has brought up. 

Here are ideas for seed paper gardening gifts to promote your business:

Seed Packets 

Seed packet with an uplifting message.

Seed paper symbolizes growth, patience, care, and connection to the environment. Include a message on the packs about growing from this unprecedented experience. Team members will feel acknowledged and involved in your company’s mission. Whether they’re still working from home, returning to work, or have been physically distancing for some time, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

Available with wildflower, basil, or sunflower seeds.

Seed Paper Grow Kits 

Seed paper grow kit in outdoor setting.

Staying positive and focusing on the good things is what everyone needs more of right now. Give these home gardening gifts to clients or employees to use in their workplaces. Leave a hopeful message on the seed paper wrapping of the kit such as “keep growing.” The kit also includes an expandable soil wafer and biodegradable rice pot, so it’s easy to start growing wherever they are.

Color Me Plantable Bookmarks 

Plantable bookmarks that you can color in.

Coloring can be therapeutic and is fun for all ages, so these plantable bookmarks that are ready to be colored in are a great way to give students the gift of gardening along with an uplifting activity.

Seed Paper Panel Cards

Seed paper panel card with a planting message about growing your own herbs.

Seed paper panel cards are versatile and will deliver your message along with a gift that grows, which makes them great for health and wellness. Getting in the sun boosts vitamin D levels. Planting with family and friends together or at a safe distance may decrease loneliness. Watching plants grow from seed fosters self-esteem and pride. Working in the dirt is a bit of exercise. Focusing on the planting takes the mind off stressors. Growing fresh food to eat is healthy. Plus, wildflowers create a beautiful environment to relax in. 

Seed Paper Flags

Seed paper flag with a messahe about keeping your community green.

These plantable flags may be used as backyard utility planting flags if your business is involved in landscaping or other home property utility work. Include a message on the flags about keeping the communities clean and green by gardening at home.

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There are a few benefits to choosing seed paper for your promotion

  • Creating a memorable experience for your recipients and giving them the tools to start gardening — The paper is infused with 6 different wildflower seeds that bloom when given proper water, sunlight, and soil. Each seed paper sheet is tested for germination rates at our facilities to make sure the wildflowers bloom.
  • Supporting eco-friendly, green values — The paper is made of recycled paper waste from schools, businesses, and other organizations.
  • Customizing your design — Choose and print your logo, artwork, and branding for any of the seed paper items in our business and promo catalogue.
  • Gaining positive word-of-mouth and brand likeability – Those who have never heard of or seen seed paper before will be excited to plant your card. They may also share their plant growing process with friends and family, which is a bonus promotion for your brand.
  • Making an impression — Each sheet of seed paper has a different textured look from the rest, which makes it look different than other mail.
  • Ordering from a Canadian-based company with Canadian-made products — As a supplier and manufacturer, all of our products are made, assembled and shipped out our warehouse in Winnipeg, MB from start to finish. That means we don’t have supply chain problems and can answer all your questions about seed paper.

Finding new ways to build relationships is so important right now, so promotional gardening giveaways are an excellent choice for your next campaign. With seed paper, you’ll connect with customers on a personal level, give them a gift they’re looking for, and help them find joy during unpredictable times. 

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

Browse seed paper products to plan a mailout for your event to generate hype and buzz for your event. Learn more about how you can incorporate eco-friendly seed paper into your next corporate promotion by subscribing to our newsletter and downloading our Seed Paper Promotions Catalog.


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