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Fall Eco Tips For Your Home & Yard

As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to fall, there are always some important things to think about to get your home and yard ready for the season ahead. To help you prepare, we’ve compiled this amazing list of 20 eco-tips that will get you ready for winter in an eco-conscious way! We’ve including everything from energy-efficient cooking habits, to preparing your lawn so that it’s at it’s best next spring.

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Prepare for the season ahead with these fall eco tips for the home!

  1. Check your windows for any leaks and make sure they are tightly sealed for the winter. If you have single-pane windows, add storm windows. A plastic film over windows can also help to reduce heat loss.
  2. Clean the dryer ducts to make sure you are getting the best airflow for energy efficiency.
  3. Check doors for weather stripping and replace it as necessary.
  4. Seal up any window air conditioners with an insulated jacket to make sure you aren’t losing heat.
  5. Use a timer system to make sure your thermostat is turned down during the day when everyone is away. You can also keep it a few degrees lower than you normally would in the evenings and embrace the sweater season. There’s nothing better than cozy sweaters after a summer of shorts and tees!
  6. Use an Instant Pot or Slow Cooker for your cozy fall cooking. They are both more energy-efficient than firing up your oven.
  7. Eat local and seasonal produce. Fall harvest is a wonderful time of year to embrace fresh local foods.
  8. If you have a ceiling fan make sure it’s running in a clockwise direction so that the air is drawn upwards. This will push the air upwards towards the ceiling and down the walls, to gently re-circulate the warm air without creating a cooling effect.
  9. Add some houseplants to your home to help clean the air. Herbs are great because you can use them in your favorite recipes all winter long.
  10. Make sure the floor or wall vents in your home aren’t being obstructed to get optimal airflow.

Prepare for the season ahead with these fall eco tips for the yard!

  1. Make sure to clear your lawn of leaves before the snow comes. If you leave them to get buried, they will decompose and soak up moisture from the soil. It may also contribute to insect and weed problems.
  2. Use self-powered equipment when possible rather than electrical tools. For example, rakes rather than electrical blowers to reduce energy consumption. You’ll get a good work out in and reduce energy costs!
  3. Compost your yard waste and leaves. Avoid burning it.
  4. Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs which are good for the environment. Their root systems will develop throughout the winter months and reduce their water consumption needs come spring.
  5. Clean your gutters and make sure water is flowing freely from your gutters to your downspouts.
  6. Fall is also an excellent time to add grass seed to your lawn which will reduce weed growth, improve the appearance, and increases drought tolerance.
  7. After your final mow of the season, spread a thin layer of compost on top of your lawn to promote healthy soil.
  8. As the days get shorter, you might be in need of more outdoor lighting. Make sure to use solar lights, LED or fluorescent bulbs to save energy. You can also install timers or automatic shut-offs to avoid having them on when they aren’t needed.
  9. If you have a garden, be sure to harvest any remaining fruits and veggies so that nothing is wasted. Freeze or can what you don’t use right away.
  10. Every few years, aerate your lawn in the fall by punching small holes that will loosen the soil and let the air circulate water and nutrients. A healthier lawn will require less fertilizer.

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