How Prairie Breeze Folk Arts Studio Used Plantable Box Filler in Gift Sets

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Prairie Breeze Folk Arts Studio is an earth-conscious and artistically-driven home essentials company. They specialize in quality crafted brooms and brushes made with natural fibers for efficient and eco-friendly home-cleaning that come in over 60 styles and double as decorative art.

The company recently launched curated gift boxes that include products from other makers to offer unique gift items for family and friends. Finding an eco-friendly packing option was a key consideration, as they believe strongly in using natural products that give back to the earth once they have served their purpose. To enhance the unboxing experience, they also needed packaging that would be sophisticated and luxurious.

(Image from @prairiebreezefolkarts on Instagram)

The Creative Director and Owner, Amina Haswell, chose to include seed paper box filler in the Nefertiti Pamper Box set to pillow the gifted items while also adding the value of a gardening gift. Each product in the box encourages customers to find time to pamper themselves and relax their minds and bodies. The gift box also features the Oasis Dry Brush, which has been a hit since its launch earlier this year. The grey, white, blue, and sandy tones of the box filler also enhanced the overall look of the gift box.

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