February is Heart Month – A Great Time to Think About Your Heart Health

February is Heart Month, you’re probably thinking yeah of course Valentine’s Day! Well that too, but it’s actually The North American Month for Heart Health. With that in mind we wanted to provide you with some fun facts, informational stats and just some overall health tips all wrapped up in a fun infographic. The numbers may seem a little overwhelming, but that’s kinda the point. To inform you and at the same time make you seriously think about your heart health so you can make the changes necessary to live a long healthy life.

Heart Health Month Infographic from Botanical PaperWorks

Hope you enjoyed this infographic and took the information to “heart“. For more on heart health visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation, they’ve got a great site with tons of valuable information for you. And make sure to check back with us on Wednesday for a fabulous free printable.


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