Flowers and Freebies! Incentive Programs Printed On Seed Paper

If you’re anything like me (and most people out there), your wallet probably has at least a few incentive program pieces in it. Business card-sized papers that, although useful, ultimately end up in the trash when they’re done with. Although I appreciate the free stuff or discounts I receive, I always feel bad about the waste it creates.

Which is why I think that incentive cards printed on seed paper is such a good idea, and a great way to affordably use seed paper promotional products. Any chance to flaunt your company’s eco-commitment is never a bad thing.

Like the example we’ve shown above, a small plantable business card-sized piece, can help you put together a great incentive that generates repeat business, and also gives the end-user a bouquet of beautiful flowers when the seed paper card is planted. What an excellent reason to keep visiting – the faster the card is filled, the faster they can plant it!

Have an idea of your own? We’d love to hear it. Contact us to start the ball rolling on your plantable promotions today.

seed paper business promotional products


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