Free CD Cover Wedding Favor Template

Free CD Cover Wedding Favor Template

For a fun plantable seed wedding favor, burn your favorite tunes on a CD and present them to your guests in a personalized case. Click on the link below for a downloadable template of a CD cover, which can be cut-out using plantable papers, scrapbooking papers and other specialty papers.

Project Supply List

8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, plantable paper for an eco-friendly option
scissors or X-acto knife

How To Make This Project

1. Download the free project template.

2. Glue the template to heavy cardboard and cut out.

3. Use the template to trace the form onto decorative paper. For an eco-friendly option, we recommend using biodegradable plantable seed paper.

4. Fold along the marked lines and glue tabs.

5. Allow to dry for 2-3 hours before inserting CD.

Written by Mary Reimer-Epp, co-founder of Botanical PaperWorks, and co-author of An Introduction to Papermaking, 300 Papermaking Recipes, The Encyclopedia of Papermaking and Bookbinding.


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