{free printable} Picnic Party Collection

{free printable} Picnic Party Collection

Are you looking for a special activity to do with the kids during their Summer holidays? Have a picnic, it’s fun and doesn’t have to cost you anything either. With this Free Printable Picnic Party Collection, you can make it really exciting. A few days before the picnic, send the kids a special invite (which is included in this free printable collection) to get them excited about it. Than, on the day of the picnic, make and gather all their favorite treats. Use the labels and tags to really dress them up or even add cute personalized titles like Jake’s Chocolate Chip Cookies or Brendan’s Blueberry Muffins.

Even if all you plan for is a picnic in the backyard, look how great the free printables will dress everything up!

Love all the fun pieces this Picnic Free Printable from Botanical PaperWorks includes - super cute!

Here is your download file for the Free Printable Picnic Party Collection:

Here is your download file for your Picnic Free Printables. It includes the Invite, Tags and Circle Markers

>>Download the Free Printable Picnic Party Collection here.

For a fun activity that will also keep them occupied while at your picnic, have them make their own pinwheels. Have the pinwheels cut out and ready to be assembled. That way, at your picnic, you and the kids can finish them together –  and than of course go test them out!

Here is your download file for the adorable Free Printable Picnic Pinwheel, make sure to print it double sided.

>>Download the Free Printable Picnic Pinwheel here.

They’re easy to assemble and we’ve even included a step-by-step tutorial to help you make the pinwheels.

Supplies for Picnic Pinwheels:

  • White Card Stock to print the pinwheel pattern on. Make sure to print double sided. If your printer only prints single-sided. Just feed the same piece of paper through the printer a second time (making sure it goes in the opposite direction as you first did it).
  • Scissors or an Exacto knife with ruler and a cutting board.
  • A stick or straw that you will use for your handle.
  • A tack or paper fastener to hold all the folded corners in the centre
  • The eraser of a pencil or a backing to your tack (not needed if you are using the fasteners).

Picnic Pinwheel Tutorial:

Here's a great Picnic Pinwheel Free Printable and step by step tutorial so you too can easily make these adorable pinwheels.

1) First download and print the pinwheel template (print double sided). There is bleed on the pattern just in case the front and back don’t perfectly align. Follow the guides and cut out the square.

2) Cut along the dotted white lines – four total.

3) Bend every second cut into the centre.

4) Take your tack and carefully push through the tips of all four folded-in tips.

5) Either grab your backing or take a pencil and carefully cut the eraser off the end.

6) Take your handle and push it through your tack till it comes all the way through.

7) Cover the end of the tack with your backing or eraser and voila, you now have a fun pinwheel to play or decorate with.

We hope you are enjoying your Summer so far and that you will also enjoy a great day picnicking with these free printables. If you’re looking for more great stationery ideas for party planning and more, browse our store for tons of unique and creative seed paper products.

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