{free printable} Sister Quote + 5 Tips For Celebrating Sister's Day on August 2

{free printable} Sister Quote + 5 Tips For Celebrating Sister’s Day on August 2

There’s a special quote that depicts most sister relationships brilliantly Because I have a sister, I will always have a friend – author unknown. So true, there’s a special bond that sisters possess that even constant fighting, clothes stealing and tattling can’t break. Having a sister means someone always has your back, someone who doesn’t judge your quirky traits (most likely because she has them too), and someone to confide in. Celebrate that special bond you and your sister(s) share this Sister’s Day with one or all of these ideas and a bonus free printable you can print to give to your sister(s).

Here is your download file:

A beautiful quote captured in this gorgeous free printable perfect to give to your sister this Sister's Day.


Share a special memory with your sister this Sister's Day with one of these fun ideas from the team at Botanical PaperWorks.

5 Tips to Help You Celebrate Sister’s Day:

1) It’s one day of the year, get a long today of all days. Let things go and focus on all the positives.
2) Write or give a card that shares a special/funny memory – even better if you can include a picture.
3) Get together and do something you both enjoy. It could be a girl’s night out, mani’s and pedi’s or just a simple lunch date. If you live in different areas and a face to face date isn’t possible, have that Skype date you’ve been meaning to have.
4) Remember that communication is the key to any great relationship, so make sure you talk to your sister…and not just when you need something, this has to be a two way street.
5) Keep the kindness going. Just because Sister’s Day has passed doesn’t mean you can’t keep being and doing nice things for one another. Remember the fun you had on this day and continue to look back on it and smile.

Share a special memory with your sister this Sister's Day with one of these fun ideas from the team at Botanical PaperWorks.

Fun Activities for Sister’s Day:

  • Girl’s night in or out: Depending on which you prefer. For a night in,  rent chick flicks and romantic comedies while snacking on treats and some wine. For a night out, getting all dolled up is always fun. Get ready together and go somewhere fun.
  • Go to the spa: Maybe for the full package or just a pedicure. But time spent together where you are both at your peak of relaxation is surely going to be a good time.
  • Reminiscing: Get together and go through old photographs, guaranteed you’ll have a good laugh at some style and hair decisions that were made in the past. My favorite is a pic of my sister and I in matching head to toe floral spandex with our poofed up, slicked to one side bangs (thanks mom).
  • Join a class together: Find an activity that you are both interested and will enjoy and commit to joining it. Now you’ll have a great excuse to see each other more often.
  • Shopping: Go shopping together and make a date of it. Even if you can afford to buy anything, go and try on the most expensive or most ridiculous outfits on and have a great laugh. It will remind you of your dress up days.

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