{free printable} Biodegradable Confetti Cones and DIY tutorial

{free printable} Biodegradable Confetti Cones and DIY tutorial

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate after your wedding ceremony? These mini cones filled with biodegradable confetti are your perfect solution. They’re super easy to make, so you can easily have one for all your guests to join in the fun. To make it even easier we’ve included the free printable template and step by step tutorial – a great project to get your bridesmaids to help with (don’t worry on a craft skill level from 1-10, these are probably a 1 or 2). Think of all the great photo ops you’ll have with them, enjoy!

These are such a great idea for weddings! These free printable wedding confetti cones from Botanical PaperWorks are adorable and easy to make with their step-by-step tutorial.

Confetti has always been a loved tradition to toss in celebration of the newly weds. Sadly, as of late, venues are banning it or charging you a clean up fee due to the mess it leaves. Here’s a unique solution. Make biodegradable confetti by using seed paper. Made from 100% recycled materials, this seed paper composts into the ground leaving no waste (or mess to clean). With dozens of color options you can easily match your confetti to your wedding colors. Here we’ve used the Mint/Green Seed Paper and Rose/Pink Seed Paper. To add a little sparkle, we painted one side of the paper with Wilton’s Edible Color Mist in gold (use edible paint to keep it biodegradable). Let it fully dry before punching out your confetti shapes.

If you love this idea and want to include it in your wedding day festivities, here is everything you will need:

Here is your download file, print it double sided

Free Printable Wedding Confetti Cones from Botanical PaperWorks

>>Download the Free Printable Confetti Cones here!

Supplies to make biodegradable confetti:

  • Seed Paper in desired color – one 8.5 x 11 page should fill two to three cones.
  • Gold Paint – we used Wilton’s Edible Color Mist in gold and just sprayed a light wash on one side.
  • Hole Puncher. Any handheld or three-hole will work.

You can also purchased biodegradable confetti ready made in heart or flower shapes!

Supplies for confetti cones:

  • White Card stock, make sure to print double-sided. One page will make four cones.
  • Ruler and bone folder
  • Exacto knife and cutting board
  • Doubled sided tape works best but any adhesive will work.

These are such a great idea for weddings! These free printable wedding confetti cones from Botanical PaperWorks are adorable and easy to make with this step-by-step tutorial.


  1. Print the Free Printable Confetti Cone template (print double-sided).
  2. With your ruler and Exacto cut out the four large squares. There are trim lines to show you where to cut. Also, cut out the smaller rectangular labels.
  3. Dog-ear the paper on one edge about 1/2″ in, so that the folded part runs to a point at the corner.
  4. Repeat on the opposite side in the same direction.
  5. Along one of the folded edges adhere your double-sided tape.
  6. Perfectly match up the two sides and press together (first line up the top and then crease down).
  7. You now have your cone shape. Cover the back of one of the small rectangular labels with double-sided tape.
  8. About half an inch down from the top of your cone and along the centre crease, attach the label.

Keep the confetti in containers until at the venue, they will be much easier to transport that way. We used a box covered with decorative paper and punched evenly spaced holes in it to hold the cones up. This will work great and not cost you anything extra but you could just as easily put them in a basket or container. Make sure they are displayed where guests will see them and know to take one for the ceremony. Passing them out to guests as they arrive might be a good job for a friend or relative who wants to help and isn’t in the wedding party.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Free Printable Cones with Biodegradable Confetti tutorial and that it helps you make some great memories on your big day. Check out the Blog for more Crafts and DIY ProjectsFreebies and Wedding Inspiration Boards.

Browse through seed paper wedding collections by BotanicalPaperWorks.com.

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