Free printable wedding stationary guide

{free printable} Wedding Stationery Guide

Take the guesswork out of wedding invitation planning with this handy Wedding Stationery Guide that was designed to match our Free Printable Wedding Planning Binder Download. This amazing guide includes a timeline tracker and a checklist for all wedding stationery as well as a list of important questions to ask yourself when planning your wedding invitations.


8 – 10 Months Before: Source inspiration and decide on a style for the stationery suite. (See invite planning questions)
7 – 8 Months Before:  Order save-the-dates
6 – 7 Months Before: Send out your save-the-dates
5 – 6 Months Before: Plan invitation wording and finalize all details you want to include
3 – 4 Months Before: Order wedding invitations, reply cards, any enclosure cards, etc.
3  Months Before: Assemble invitations
2 – 3  Months Before: Mail Invitations
1  Month Before: Order day of stationery and thank you cards (place cards, menus, etc.)
2 – 4 Weeks Before:  Ensure all reply cards have been collected
1 – 2 Months After: Send out thank you cards to all guests


Purpose: To ensure that as many of your guests as possible can attend the event and officially announce your wedding.

What to include:

  • The date
  • Names of couple
  • The general location (state/province and country)
  • Note that a formal invitation will follow.

Wedding Invitations

10 questions to ask yourself when planning:

  1. What is your wedding style and color? (rustic, modern, garden-party, etc.)
  2. Are there any personal values or tastes you want to reflect on your invitations? (sustainability, religious beliefs, heritage, etc.)
  3. How formal is the occasion?
  4. Will there be a dress code?
  5. Will you have a wedding website? (Websites are a great way to reduce the amount of info you need to include on the invite)
  6. How are you collecting RSVPs?
  7. Have you collected samples of invites that you like? (Give these to your stationer if you are hiring a designer)
  8. How are you addressing the envelopes? (calligraphy, labels, printing on envelopes)
  9. How many invitations do you need?
  10. What is your budget? (total and per invite)

Purpose: To provide your guests with everything they need to know to attend the event.

What to include:

  • Your names (may include parents)
  • Host and/or request lines (Ex: Together with family…invite you to join them as they marry)
  • The date (day, month, and year)
  • Ceremony time, location and address
  • Reception time and location (often just a hotel or hall name is used rather than listing another full address.)
  • Cocktail/dinner hours (indicate the type of food service)
  • Dress code if applicable
  • RSVP instructions or reply cards with an envelope to mail back (stamped and addressed)

Optional Extras:

  • Accommodation details (required for destination weddings)
  • Map (If difficult to find or if some guests may not be internet savvy enough to use Google)
  • Envelope liner (To dress up invitations)
  • Belly band and/or ribbon
  • (To hold pieces together nicely)
  • Registry details or note about presentation

Reply Cards

Purpose: To collect the replies and menu choices (if applicable) for your wedding.

What to include:

  • Reply by date (a month before is usually ideal)
  • Lines for those invited to write names
  • Menu options – A line or checkboxes to indicate what meals are preferred.
  • Return envelope that is addressed and stamped


Purpose: To hold, protect, and deliver the wedding invitation and associated pieces.

What to include:

  • Names of your invited guests. Ex: Jane & John Smith, John Smith & Guest, The Smith Family (If entire household is invited)
  • Delivery address
  • Return address
  • Stamp

Thank You Cards

Purpose: To show gratitude to your guests for attending your wedding.

What to include:

  • Dear name and/or relation
  • A personalized note that mentions their generosity. (Be specific. Ex: Thank you so much for the amazing wine fridge, we are so excited to finally have one!)
  • Signatures of the couple
  • A photo from the wedding (Optional)

Other Event Stationery You May Need

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