Fun Origami with Plantable Paper

We've talked about the many things you can do with plantable paper and now we can honestly say origami is one of them! Today we wanted to share a fun yet simple origami craft from Folding Trees that will brighten anyone's day. It makes a fun craft to do during Spring Break, and you can give as a gift or keep for yourself. And when you are ready, make a small hole in soil, place the plantable paper in it, cover, water, and watch the wildflowers bloom! That's because our plantable seed paper is made from post-consumer waste and embedded with wildflower seeds, that's right – they are infused right into the paper.

The best part about origami is all you need is paper, and some talented fingers. Get your hands on a Seed Paper Package, in either white or multicolor and get started on this eco-friendly and fun craft.


  1. Cut the seed paper into strips. To have some varying sizes, trim paper into strips of the following: 35cm x 1.25cm, 30cm x 1cm, 15cm x 0.6cm 
  2. Make a loop at one end of your strip, and pass the short end through the loop as if you are forming a basic knot.       
  3. Pull both ends of the paper slowly to close up the knot, make sure you don't rip it. As it pulls tight, it will magically form a pentagon shape.

  4. Fold the short end up out of the way (right side facing out).  If it is too long like the picture, trim the end down. Turn the shape over so the side with the short end is facing you, then tuck the short end under the flap that runs across the pentagon.

  5. Now you can wrap the rest of the strip around the pentagon. Fold the strip up over one side of the pentagon, making the fold line along the side of the pentagon. Do not crease the fold tightly. Continue to fold the strip over and over each side.

  6. When you get to the end of the stip, trim the excess ends that stick out beyond the edge of the pentagon, then tuck the end inside the flap that runs across the pentagon.
  7. Hold the pentagon between thumb and forefinger of one hand, then use a fingernail on your other hand to push in the middle of one of the other sides.                   
  8. Rotate the pentagon and repeat until all 5 sides are pushed in, and now you have a puffy paper star!

These origami stars are pretty on their own, or make more and put them in a jar or vase for that extra POP of color. You can always find new ways to use unique seed paper to decorate your house and add to your garden.

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