Veggies growing out of planted seed paper

Give A Garden With Veggie Seed Paper Promotional Products

Planting season has officially arrived now, but a few weeks ago, we wanted a head start and decided to plant a little garden from seed paper in our grow station here at Botanical PaperWorks. After just a few weeks, all the plants including carrot, tomato, and lettuce are thriving and are ready to be replanted outside.

Want to give a garden like this for your next promotion?

Vegetable Seed Paper Promotional Products are an excellent way to give your audience something with purpose that sends a message about sustainability and the value of planting your own NON-GMO food.

Here are some garden-inspired ideas from Botanical PaperWorks:

Veggie Seed Paper Shape Packs

Veggie Seed Paper Shape Packs are an excellent garden-inspired promotion that businesses love to give, and people love to receive! The packs include 3 veggie seed paper shapes (carrot, tomato, and lettuce) made from post-consumer and post-industrial material embedded with tons of NON-GMO seeds. The packaging is also made with biodegradable corn plastic, and the custom insert is printed full-color on 100% recycled card stock.

Veggie Seed Bombs Muslin Bag 3

Veggie Seed Bombs are another great promotion that gives a whole garden of veggies to plant and enjoy. They are available in 3 or 9 packs in both biodegradable cellopacks or eco-friendly muslin bags. Clients will love the creativity and important message about growing your own food.

Plantable seed paper veggie shape promotional products

Printed Veggie Seed Paper Shapes are your most budget-friendly option and are a super easy giveaway to share. Just add your logo and message. Whether you choose the tomato, carrot or lettuce shape to treat your clients, they’ll be thrilled when they realize that they can plant the eco-friendly seed paper to grow the actual vegetable that it’s shaped as.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

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