Google Adsense Sends Out Plantable Paper Cards as Part of Eco-Friendly Promotion

Looks like Google is taking part in the eco-friendly movement as well! Recently, Google Adsense sent greeting cards to Adsense consumers and prospects, except these were no ordinary cards. In fact, they were made out of plantable paper, with embedded wildflower seeds ready to bloom once planted!

At Botanical PaperWorks, we are the world-leading manufacturers of seed paper and continue to grow our product lines and clientele. We specially hand pick our paper from local businesses and schools, ensuring it is post-consumer waste, and then carefully infuse our handmade paper with a high-grade North American wildflower seed blend. Creating a truly green and unique product.

Not only do we have offer seed wedding products in our Wedding Collection, or offer stationery for all Special Occasions, Botanical PaperWorks carries a Promotional Items line that includes plantable business cards, to seed wine tags.

More companies should be like Google and use eco-friendly marketing or promotions, for green is here to stay. Thanks to TriplePundit for this great posting!


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