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Green Business Tips

Looking to make a positive impact on our planet every day? Incorporating sustainable practices into your business can turn daily operations into opportunities for environmental stewardship. In this post, we share essential green business tips that will help you make every day Earth Day. From energy-saving to waste-reduction ideas, these actionable steps will not only benefit the environment but also enhance your company’s reputation and bottom line.

Take a look at these Green Business Tips to get started: Incorporate  eco-friendly practices every day of the year with these Green Business Tips.

In case you had trouble viewing the infographic above, here is a summary of the information.

  1. Make sure recycling bins are readily available in various areas of the workplace.
  2. Use email & review onscreen instead of printing where possible to save paper.
  3. Save energy by turning off equipment & computers when they are not being used.
  4. Use eco-friendly and recycled paper to SAVE TREES.
  5. Ditch the bottles and use tap water for meetings.
  6. Reduce travel & conduct meetings over the internet when possible.
  7. Host a GREEN Commute Challenge & encourage staff to walk, bike or ride the bus to work.
  8. Buy material locally when possible.
  9. Use eco-friendly promotions that benefit the environment and leave NO WASTE behind!

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