Green promotions

We're enthusiastic supporters of green promotions, promotional products made with post-consumer materials and printed on seed paper. When the coaster, hang tag, wrap or bookmark is planted, the seeds in the paper germinate and grow into wildflowers. All that is left behind is the flowers, no waste.

Here are a few examples of green promotions from Botanical PaperWorks clients:

Green promotions

Above, the City of Edmonton did a green promotion with reusable water bottles and a seed paper wrap. 

Green promotions

Amway used these plantable coasters in a campaign called Positive Sprouts. The coasters were printed on seed paper, that special paper embedded with seeds and made with post-consumer materials. 

Green promotions can also include multi-dimensional gifts such as desk calendars, journals and notebooks. Please see the entire line of green promotions from Botanical PaperWorks.


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