Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Oh, dad. Where would we be without you? Waiting for a tow truck when our car has a flat. No one to laugh at (whoops, with…) when our barbecued meal goes up in flames. And who would tell us those horrible, horrible jokes you all know so well?

There's no one else like dad, that's for sure.

To celebrate our Father's Day here at Botanical PaperWorks, I once again set out with my trusty camera, some plantable heart favors, and asked some of the people here to share something about their dads!

Heidi Heart Plantable Favor

A favorite memory of my Dad involves a Winnipeg institution – Pic A Pop! In the summertime as a teenager, my Dad and I would get into the car and drive to the Pic A Pop store close to our house. We would load up on Creme Soda, Cola and Pamplemousse (some family flavor favorites) and bring it back home. My Dad would put the drinks into a huge cooler and fill it up to the top with ice. We'd hang out by the pool drinking ice cold Pic A Pop all afternoon.

Amber Heart Plantable Favor

My dad (and the rest of my family) will never let me forget this one. Four year-old me asked my dad if I could help him assemble the new barbecue. He gave me some tools to "help" him assemble with, and heard me tapping everywhere he had just been working. What I was actually doing was loosening everything he had just tightened. When he went to move the assembled barbecue, the wheels fell off and almost everything was loose!

Brittany Heart Plantable Favor

I've always thought it was amusing that my parents had two daughters, and my sister and I both inherited my dad's movie taste for horror/thriller/science fiction movies. My poor mom has no one to share romantic comedies with, which is not what you'd expect having two girls!

Kristen Heart Plantable Favor

My dad does air guitar in front of the dishwasher when there's steam coming out of it. Also, when it's winter and the door is open and the cold air comes in. Pretty much anytime there's anything that looks like fog…my dad "plays" his air guitar.

Deanna Heart Plantable Favor

One of my favorite traditions with my dad – ever since junior high every summer my dad and I go on a father/daughter date. We go for a motorcycle ride exploring the city and surrounding areas looking for great places to stop for a meal and ice cream.  It's something I look forward to every summer.

Robyn Heart Plantable Favor

There are too many stories for me to choose just one. My Dad was ringette coach to me and scout leader to my brother (although I was included in all things scouts since I had decided brownies was too "girly"). He taught me everything I needed to know about camping and canoeing. He instilled in me a love of motorcycles, music and a stubborn independent streak that drives a lot of people nuts, including him. : ) All in all I couldn't have asked for better.


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