first birthday Plantable and Eco-friendly Party Banners

Harrison’s First Birthday

Every birthday is special but your child’s very first birthday party is always extra exciting. Especially if you’re a first-time parent like Michelle, one of our Customer Support representatives! She was super excited to plan his first big hurrah and decided to incorporate some seed paper products that will grow (just like Harrison) to mark the occasion.

Here’s her story

When it came time to plan our son’s first birthday, we were so excited to have friends and family over to help us celebrate and to see how much he has grown in the last year. He’s been walking like a pro, bonding with our two dogs Sam and Akela, and even enjoys helping in the garden. Planning this big milestone was so special because in a way meant that he was no longer a little baby, but is turning into a cute, fun, lovable little boy!

We decided to have a classic blue for the party and wanted something plantable to celebrate his growth. First we chose Plantable Birthday Cupcake Favors because, what is more celebratory than a cupcake?! We also decided we needed something for decorations and Botanical PaperWorks was just about to release Plantable and Eco-friendly Party Banners so we ordered a custom banner that said “Happy 1st Birthday Harrison” to hang above the fireplace where people could see it as soon as they walked into the room. It was great spot for him to sit and open his gifts. Harrison loved the banner and was so excited when he saw it hanging there. He always wanted to be picked up so he could touch it.

We set the cupcake favors out on the table, next to his birthday cake and made sure all of our guests took a card home with them. Everyone loved the banner and they thought it was a really neat idea that it was printed on seed paper. They also loved the cupcake favors, they thought they were perfect for a birthday party and were excited about planting them. Everything about the party was perfect, the food, the weather, and of course…Harrison!

Michelle shared plantable seed paper cupcake favors to celebrate Harrison's growth at his firth birthday.

Planning a party of your own?

Botanical PaperWorks has tons of fun ideas to celebrate birthdays, baby showers, weddings/anniversaries and more. And the best part is that they are all plantable so that no waste is left behind, just colorful wildflowers that will help support important pollinators. It’s a truly unique way to mark the occasion that is also good for the environment.

Express yourself with stylish and eco-friendly personalized stationery that grows wildflowers.

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