Heidi’s Week in Review Feb {13-19}

Well we hope everyone here had a fantastic Valentine's Day! I know I had my fair share of chocolate hearts so I think I'm good until Easter!

Looks like Company President Heidi did some Valentine's baking as well. Let's take a look what she shared with us this week from her blog, Stationery Scoop

  • Yum! These cookies look delicious. Baking cookies from Martha Stewart's website is no easy feat (trust me, I know) but these cookies looked like they turned out deliciously. Baking is a great afternoon activity and a lot can get done with many hands in the kitchen. These cookies require you to roll them out, bake, and then decorate! Check out this post from Cake Wrecks for more yummy treats.

  • It was so great to see a post from a mom of a 2 year old go all out for her son's valentine's day cards for his class, or in this case, gifts! Big thanks to Phnewfula from Turtle Pie for sharing these great gifts on the web.

  • We talked about making your Valentine's Day greener this year, well now the next holiday embraces this color like no other. St. Patrick's Day is on its way and we should all embody the color we will wear that day. Some great ways to celebrate our Irish roots (even if you're not Irish) are:

    • Picking up garbage outside, which is badly needed after a long winter
    • Making a St. Patrick's Day meal from locally-grown ingredients
    • Getting a compost bin ready for summer
    • Use less water bottles and more water filters
    • Let Spring come to you a little faster by filling your home with indoor plants and flowers as they help purify the air

We hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. In Canada, a few lucky provinces including ourselves will be enjoying a nice long weekend due to Family Day (Louis Riel Day).

Until next week, live green and love life.


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