Heidi’s Week In Review {Jan 30-Feb 5}

February is here! Which means we are that much closer to Valentine’s Day and Spring is just around the corner. Company President Heidi Reimer-Epp has had an exciting week. Let’s see what she’s been sharing on her personal blog, Stationery Scoop.

  • Heidi comments on her love for creativity and shares that she just adores the “Heidi’s Week in Review” web graphic we made just for this segment. Hats off to Amanda for the concept, and Kristen for making the beautiful design.
  • Where we are, you can tell it is definitely winter. Heidi gives you the complete list of What to Wear to Stay Warm when enduring the outdoors including: long underwear, thermal socks, double layered mitts, neck tube, hat with full coverage of ears, and a down winter coat. Check out this beautiful picture she took looking out onto the lake from her cottage.

  • Similar to the word “Botanical”, Canadian company Botania offers a natural soap and personal care product line, featuring scrumptious looking soaps and sugar body scrubs. They can be found online here, I sure hope they get an online store soon. Want to know Heidi’s two favorite products? They are the Pachouli and Mint Soap along with moisturizing Lavender Sugar Scrub.

  • Like I said, Spring is on its way (despite the large snow storms taking place across the US and Canada) so we at Botanical PaperWorks have launched our newly revised Spring Seed Card Set. Featuring two Earth Day cards, as well as a Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, and a Welcome Baby card.
  • Something to recommend any work place: The Agenda Effect Article. This is a great, efficient, and effective way to communicate with co-workers, and lessens interruptions. The article goes onto say,

“In this age of ever-present interruptions, an agenda allows you to thoughtfully gather everything you need to say, which can greatly reduce the stress you place on yourself, and on the person you need to talk to.”

Click here to read the full article.

Thanks for reading this week’s segment of Heidi’s Week in Review. Have a wonderful weekend and take time this weekend to get those Valentine’s Day cards!


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