Heidi’s Week in Review {March 6-12}

Happy March to you all! I sure hope Spring gets here soon, I think many of us are getting a bit tired of the snow. Sorry we missed you last week but we are back for another rendition of Heidi’s Week in Review! Let’s see what company President Heidi Reimer-Epp has been blogging about this week on Stationery Scoop.

  • Ever wonder what Heidi’s fav plantable product is? Well she can’t just pick one, but our Floral Thought Plotters are definitely are in her Top 5! Great for taking notes or writing in appointments or contact information, these plantable notebooks include recycled line paper, and a seeded cover that grows into wildflowers when planted. Useful and eco-friendly!
  • Introducing Maybe we could make a business out of this/How I Became an Entrepreneur Series! As part of a celebration of an upcoming 14 years in business this May. In the early 1990’s, Heidi was working at a pharmaceutical company in her home town. Her mother was a school teacher at the time who loved arts and crafts and would collect used paper and garbage left after each class. With all this paper they had at home they begin using old paper to make creative varieties of new paper! Her mother even made handmade wedding programs for Heidi’s Wedding. As more and more people were taking notice of her handmade pieces, she began to wonder “Maybe we could make a business out of this?” Read the full story here. Part 2 is below!

  • This past Tuesday everyone at Botanical PaperWorks was in for a deliciously flat treat – Pancakes! We did it in celebration of Shrove Tuesday (I actually had never heard of it before, but if it gets me pancakes, I am all for it!)

  • On Thursday Heidi went to a very interesting day-long seminar called Creating The Momentum fo Business Success, lead by Eric Morse, Ph.D of the Richard Ivey School of Business. Long story short, Heidi ended up drinking buttermilk out of a litre container! Read the full story here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! And as always, live green and be happy! See you next week!


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