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Helpful Applications to Make Food Waste Reduction Easy

Everyone eats and sometimes we waste food. We all have this in common, but we don’t need to waste our food. Food waste has been a growing epidemic, and for the health of people and the planet, we need to put an end to it. According to a report from Second Harvest, nearly 60% of the food produced in Canada is lost or wasted annually. The financial value of this food loss and waste is approximately $50 billion.

Thanks to technology and businesses working to tackle food waste, there are solutions! Continuing on the annual celebration of Food Waste Action Week, check out this list of apps to try. You’ll be tackling food waste in no time.

Too Good To Go

This app lets you connect with local businesses that make/sell food and you have an opportunity to buy surprise bags of food at approximately 1/3 of the cost! Save a local restaurant or store as your favorite and see how much food and CO2 emissions you’ve saved over time.
Available in iOs & Android


Currently available at all NoFrills and Superstore, this app connects you with grocery items close to their best before dates and sells them at hugely discounted prices. Check this app before you grocery shop as it’s a great way to save on your bill.
Available in iOs & Android


Scan your grocery items into the app to keep track of Best Before Dates and what you have left to eat. It also gives you recipe ideas to try to use food up instead of wasting it.
Available in iOs

Food Rescue: Second Harvest

This app connects businesses with excess food to social service organizations that can put it to good use.
Available in iOs

Rescue Food: Leftovers Foundation

You can sign up as a volunteer on this app to help deliver food from businesses to local centres and shelters in need.
Available in iOs & Android


Do you want to compost but have no room to do so? Or do you compost and have some room in your bin to help others compost? ShareWaste is a website and app to help connect those who want to compost with those who have compost bins. Go online and make an account and you can make a plan to reduce your waste to the landfill in no time.
Available in iOs & Android

Love Food Hate Waste Canada

Modelled after the LFHW UK campaign, Love Food Hate Waste Canada works with governments, businesses and community groups across the country to help reduce food waste. Anyone can visit their website or follow their social media for helpful tips, recipes, and ways to rethink our food.
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