Holiday Promotional Products that Grow for Under $2 Each

Holiday Promotional Products that Grow for Under $2 Each

The holiday season has become notorious for costing business-owners a pretty penny. With all the Christmas parties and events scheduled over the next few weeks, it can be overwhelming to think about how much time and money these occasions can demand from you. But instead of stressing, take advantage of this time and use it as an opportunity to promote your business with affordable promotions that will leave a lasting impression.

Seed Paper Products give you a way to promote your business that’s eco-friendly, cost-effective and creative.

From as low as $0.36 EACH, these innovative plantable promotional products are not only incredibly affordable, but they’re also eco-friendly as well. They’re all made from 100% recycled materials that are embedded with seeds to grow wildflowers when planted in a pot or a garden. By choosing these highly affordable seed paper products, you’ll be giving your clients memorable holiday tokens that actually benefit the environment and leave no waste behind.

 1. Seed Paper Angled Tags

These plantable holiday tags are perfect for dressing up a promotional gift!These special holiday tags are the perfect way to showcase your creative company logo during the busy Christmas season. Whether you attach them to a product or additional gift, your clients will love tossing them after the event to grow a bouquet of wildflowers because they’re made from plantable seed paper. They’re one of the easiest ways to jazz up any gift while promoting your brand.

2. Plantable Holiday Ornaments

Available in pre-designed options, these seed paper Holiday Ornaments make the perfect promotional gift.Tied to a gift or hung on a tree, these Holiday Ornaments are one of the sweetest and most festive ways to promote your brand during the Christmas season. Available in a variety of shapes and pre-designed options that you can customize with your logo, these products are easy to order and are perfect for displaying your brand and sending an eco-friendly message.

3. Seed Paper Bills

Make a low-risk investment at your next client holiday party with these seed paper Money Bills!Make a low-risk investment with these Seed Paper Money Bills! Fully plantable, eco-friendly and available in $5, $20 or $100, these products are a fun and memorable way to promote your company and brand while remaining tree-free. You can customize these products by adding your company logo and URL. They’re perfect for creating buzz during holiday parties!

4. Plantable Wine Glass Tags

These seed paper Wine Glass Tags are perfect for dressing up wine glasses - and clients can take them home to plant!Impress your clients at the next holiday party by putting these Wine Tags on each glass. Not only do they display your company logo and holiday message, but they’re also embedded with seeds that grow wildflowers when planted in a pot or garden. Clients can take them home and bloom a beautiful bouquet with your creative and eco-friendly promotion. If you’re looking for dress up a table setting even more, you can also match your wine glass tag to the customizable Plantable Wine Bottle Tags as well. The combination is perfect for promoting your brand during client holiday parties.

 5. Seed Paper Wristbands

These highly-customizable seed paper Wrist Bands will be a hit at your next client holiday party!Perfect for holiday parties and special events, these Wristbands are a memorable and creative holiday promotion. Not only are they completely customizable – you can choose which size, style, whether you wants self latch or peel and stick AND you have a choice of 25+ designer colors! And instead of tossing the seed-embedded products at the end of the evening, clients can take them home to plant them in soil. They’ll be impressed by your creativity and conscious effort to remain environmentally friendly.

Wildflowers grown from Seed Paper by Botanical PaperWorks/Seed Paper Promotions

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