Holiday Traditions from our Readers

Many of us have traditions that we look forward to every holiday season. These traditions are special to each of us in our own way and get passed down from one generation to the next. Here are some great holiday traditions that you, our readers, have shared with us. They’re all so great, you might end up adding a few to your families list!

  • My favorite holiday tradition is everyone in my family taking turns wearing the Santa hat to hand out their gifts. Last Christmas, when my son was 2, he had fun playing everyone’s elf passing out the smaller gifts and then he ‘helped’ everyone open their presents! Jay
  • My favorite holiday tradition is when the cousins, aunts and uncles and the Matriarch, “Omi”, gather on Christmas evening and attend church together. The family then walks to Omi’s house for yummy food. There is a present exchange between the younger cousins. It’s a lot of fun and it’s nice to see everyone and celebrate Christmas! – Heather

Botanical PaperWorks 12 Weeks of Christmas: Holiday Traditions from our Readers

  • I love having family and friends gather on Christmas eve for dinner. The special (read breakable) china is set out on the table, sparkling cider with various infusions (cranberry is a fave) is a must, and we have those poppers that the British seem to have at every joyous celebration. Then it’s on to a candlelight Christmas Eve Church with the ‘extended’ family, packed into the pews, humming Silent night while raising our candles for the inbreaking of Christ. – Becca

Botanical PaperWorks 12 Weeks of Christmas: Holiday Traditions from our Readers

  • One of my family’s tradition was to open one gift on Christmas Eve. We were always excited as we looked through the presents under the Christmas tree, trying to decide on which one to open. Kids often have a hard time waiting until Christmas morning to begin opening presents, making this Christmas Eve family tradition a great choice for those with children – Sha
  • My favorite Holiday tradition is on Christmas Eve. My whole family gets to open a gift. My mother makes a big deal about choosing just the right ones for us to open. We all know its new pajamas, but we’re excited just the same. Then there is a “mystery” gift from the dog and cat, and it is always a new board game. Later we spend Christmas Eve in our new jammies, eating yummy snacks, playing the new game, and waiting for Santa. We’re all adults now, but still look forward to the new PJs and playing a game together! – Angela

Botanical PaperWorks 12 Weeks of Christmas: Holiday Traditions from our Readers

  • One of my favourite traditions is when my grandmother breaks out the Night Before Christmas book and reads it to us grandkids. Now we’re older and some of us grandkids have had her great grandbabies, and now they sit and listen to the story, cozy around the fire. – Erin P
  • My favourite traditions of Christmas are decorating the tree and most of all Christmas Eve ! Turkey in the oven, ham on the stove making homemade stuffing with my daughter… The smell around the house…simply amazing… Christmas carols and of course midnight mass ! – Linda

Botanical PaperWorks 12 Weeks of Christmas: Holiday Traditions from our Readers

  • My favorite tradition is eating wife saver and sipping mimosa’s on christmas morning. My mom started it ages ago and I’ve kept up the tradition in my home. – Shannon
  • One if our Christmas traditions was having the kids open a gift on Christmas Eve. The gift was always a pair of cosy PJs and a puzzle or a book to keep them busy until they fell asleep. Now we still do the PJs but the gift is usually a magazine about a favourite sport or activity.Shirley

Thank you to all of you who shared these heart-felt traditions with us, reading them really got us in the holiday spirit. We, here at Botanical PaperWorks, wish you all a wonderful and magical holiday season. And don’t forget to come back this upcoming Monday for the 12 Weeks of Christmas, there’s going to be some really great free printables for decorating your holiday dinner table.

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