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Five Popular Markets & How Seed Paper is Used to Promote Them

When it comes to selling promotional products, understanding different vertical markets can be a difference-maker for growing your business. Clients want to know you understand the unique qualities of their industry so you can offer solutions that align with them, and can help them reach their goals.

Some promotional product distributors are even choosing to focus exclusively on one or two verticals so that they can be experts in those markets. This strategy can make your business more efficient and expand your opportunities, since the more you learn about the environment in which your clients operate, the more you understand their needs.

Whether your business focuses on select verticals or you have a wide range of industries in your client list, finding products that can be customized for specific industries will make your pitches more successful. That’s why seed paper products have had such great success. As a paper-based product, seed paper promotional products are incredibly universal and can be tailor-made for a wide variety of vertical markets.

Whether it’s the printing on the piece, the shape of the seed paper, or the product format, these flexible promotions can be custom-made for almost any industry and message.

Here are 5 popular vertical markets and how seed paper is used for them:

1. Real estate

Seed paper promotions work exceptionally well for the real estate market because of the opportunity for wordplay. Clients often feature a message about “planting roots” or “being planted” along with a plantable house shape to deliver a cohesive and clever message.

2. Healthcare

When it comes to promotions for the healthcare industry, almost any seed paper piece can be customized for the market. As a plantable product, seed paper can symbolize nurturing and caring for something. Further, plants and nature are often associated with well-being and herb or vegetable seed paper promotions are perfect for promoting healthy eating.

3. Education

Whether it’s a plantable bookmark, seed paper notebook, or plantable pencil sleeve giveaway, seed paper is an excellent fit for education message. It symbolizes personal growth and sustainability—an important message for schools, universities, and learning centers.

4. Technology

The technology sector may not be the first vertical market to come to mind when thinking about seed paper promotions, but considering the growing need for green innovations and cleantech solutions, it’s the perfect eco-friendly product to send those messages. It too is a cleantech product, and no waste is left behind when you choose a seed paper. Instead, you are giving back to the environment.

5. Travel & tourism

When thinking about travel and tourism, discovery, nature, and growth are key components, which makes plantable paper a natural fit. The special paper is a great way to appeal to recipients’ senses and deliver a message about flourishing, growing, and preservation. And since you can order custom-made shapes out of seed paper, you can even create a plantable piece in the shape of the destination itself!

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