How To Bring Burger Week Into The Workplace

Burger week has become bigger than ever, and all the social media buzz makes it hard to ignore. However, if you’re at work 9-5 and have a busy evening schedule it might be hard to get out to try some of those delicious looking burgers that have been tempting you. That’s why Botanical PaperWorks decided to bring burger week into the workplace! We have quite a few foodies in the house and planning a fun food day like this was a great opportunity for team building.

At Botanical PaperWorks, there are many things that make us a team, but one critical part of our company culture is food and fun. Our CEO, Heidi Reimer-Epp has even written an article for Entrepreneurs’Organization about the importance of it: How—and Why—to Inject Fun in Your Workplace

Here’s what we did:

  1. We posted an announcement on Basecamp where we asked everyone to name their favorite specialty toppings. We had everything from tzatziki sauce to guacamole and even potato chips! Almost everyone contributed to the list, and it was pretty epic.
  2. We then asked everyone to vote for their top three toppings. It was a close battle, but the big winners were bacon, crispy onions, and pineapple. No surprise that bacon made the cut but who knew so many people loved pineapple on their burgers!
  3. Jenna, (our go-to company lunch planner extraordinaire) picked up everything we needed and a few volunteers made and brought in the bacon. The patties and pineapple were prepared on our BBQ outside by our COO, Bryce Saunders. Of course, we had to have some classic toppings, so we added tomato, lettuce, and cheese. Even smashed avocado made a surprise appearance.

Here are a few pics from the event. We will definitely do it again in the future!

Botanical PaperWorks team members eating burgers during Burger Week in Winnipeg

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