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How To Get The Most From Plantable Promotional Products

Promotions are about more than just putting a logo on something. With the right execution, they can help tell your brand’s story and truly connect with your audience by engaging their senses.

Seed paper promotional products that grow into wildflowers, herbs, or veggies, are a tangible paper product but also a symbolic one that transforms which makes them an extremely powerful tool to market your business. By representing something bigger, creating an experience, and doing a little good for the planet, your business can share its eco-friendly values as well as get noticed and intrigue your audience.

Here are 5 ways to help you get the most out of plantable promotions from Botanical PaperWorks:

1. Use creative messaging

As a plantable product, seed paper promotions present so many opportunities to get creative with your campaign and that creativity can lead to real results for your business. Rather than simply adding your logo to a plantable promotion, consider adding a tagline that plays into the planting and growing concept of the paper itself to make it more interesting and memorable. Your audience will be more likely to take note and remember it.

2. Add ways to track your ROI

As with any promotion or marketing tool, if you want to capitalize on your investment, you have to be able to measure your results. As a paper product, seed paper promotions have so many options for imprinting so it’s so easy to add tracking techniques to your promotional piece.

Simply adding a unique URL or a customer phone number with a strong call-to-action, will allow you to track how many people took action from your promotion.

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3. Show them you are part of something bigger

Plantable promotions give back to the environment by helping to save trees, reduce waste and by growing beneficial plants for local eco-systems. By choosing them over other plastic promotional products, your business is doing something good for the planet and your customers should know that.

Include a small note about the benefits of seed paper with the planting instructions so the message won’t be lost. Not only will it help them connect with your brand, but you will also be setting an example for others. Double-sided printing is recommended to really take full advantage of your seed paper promotion. The extra cost is minimal and it doubles your space for storytelling.

4. Encourage posting pictures

If you want to create a buzz on social media to increase your exposure, include a call-to-action on your seed paper promotions to post pictures planting and growing the paper and ask them to tag your brand. By including a prize or some kind of giveaway incentive you can get great results that you can measure.

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5. Use a graphic designer

Seed paper promotions allow for full-color printing with amazing results so you should definitely take advantage by choosing powerful imagery that will get noticed. You want the design to be functional, but also intriguing and representative of your brand to really tell your story.

If you don’t have a designer and aren’t sure where to start, ask the Customer Support Team at Botanical PaperWorks about pre-designed options that are available or use a stock image service such as Adobe Stock to get you started.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

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