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How To Use Our Custom Color Selector

Wedding colors are one of the first things you decide on when planning your special day. From centerpieces to bridesmaids dresses, the shades you choose will help set the tone for the entire event. You’ll want to keep a consistent palette throughout the whole wedding, so try to incorporate the colors into your stationery as it’s the first glimpse your guests will get of the style and theme. Your stationery should be to your wedding what you are to each other – a perfect match! To help you make it just right, we have a custom color option that lets you incorporate your chosen wedding colors into your seed paper stationery.

Need help deciding? Here are some Tips For Choosing Wedding Colors

How does this work?

After choosing a design from our collection of plantable wedding invitations, look for the custom color button in the product listing to open the color selector tool. You’ll see 3 options for choosing your colors, all are explained in further detail below.

1) Choose from our swatch library

We’re passionate about color, so when creating a library of swatches for you to choose from for all of our wedding products, we turned to the most popular styles and trends in the wedding industry. Simply speaking, these colors are awesome! When you choose one of these swatches from our library, you’ll know that it’s tested and approved for best results with our printers.

Take a look at the swatches up close!

Our swatch library is filled with some of the most beautiful and trendy colours for #seedpaper #weddinginvitations. Learn more about our FREE custom color option for your #weddingstationery.

Due to differences in digital displays, the printed colors may not be an exact match to those shown on your screen.

2) Supply a Pantone ID or CMYK number

If you’d rather incorporate a special shade, you can supply us with a Pantone ID or a CMYK number. Known worldwide as the standard language of color communication from fashion to graphic design and nearly everything in between, Pantone ID’s are the easiest way for us to color match to a particular hue you have your eye on. Since printers and screens typically display colors differently for everyone, using a Pantone book to select a color will help us get the closest match possible on our seed paper. We sell paper products so coated and uncoated numbers are prefered.

NOTE: Our printers use CMYK printing so Pantone IDs are used for visual matching only. We do not print spot colors.

3) Select/build your color on screen

The last option is to visually select your color using a variety of tools similar to how you would in Microsoft Word. This option (although fun to play with) is not the most reliable for specific color matching since there is so much variation between computer screens. So, if you’re really picky about color like we are, we suggest using option one or two.

4) Tell us how you want the colors to look on the design

After you’ve selected your colors, be sure to designate how they should be used. Depending on the design, there may be several elements to consider so you’ll have to let us know what color should be used where. For example, for the flowers, the text, the background, etc. If you don’t supply this, a designer will use their expert eye to set it up how it will look best.

We're passionate about color which is why we created a custom color option for #seedpaper #weddinginvitations. Learn more about it here!

Note: Some illustrative designs may not have the custom color option due to how the file is built. You are welcome to contact us with what you had in mind, as sometimes the hues can be slightly altered but certain colors can’t be achieved. We will always do our best to accommodate your requests.

Browse our seed paper wedding invitations!

From trends like gorgeous greenery to romantic watercolor and everything in between, you're sure to find the perfect pieces to fit within your chosen wedding style.

We simply love staying up-to-date in the world of weddings which means we’re always creating trendy new designs for our seed paper wedding invitations. From trends like gorgeous greenery to romantic watercolor and everything in between, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to fit within your chosen wedding style. Created with post-consumer materials, our paper is infused with a blend of seven different seeds that grow into REAL wildflowers when planted in a pot or garden. As the paper composts away, all that’s left is beauty instead of additional paper waste.

Are you looking for more stylish wedding ideas?

Check out our entire Inspiration Boards page as we’re always getting inspired by gorgeous color combinations like this one! Take a look at our Wedding Printables and Wedding Planning pages – it’ll be your one-stop shop for all things wedding related!

Or if you’re ready to get shopping, we have tons to choose from including reply cards, menus, favors, seal and send wedding invitations and more! All printed on quality eco-friendly seed paper that grows flowers without leaving waste behind.

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