How To Use QR Codes on Seed Paper Promotions + Campaign Inspiration

Keeping up with technology trends is key when you’re trying to stay relevant and accessible as a brand. In your search for what’s new, you may have seen promotional QR code campaigns popping up a lot lately. Though they’ve been around since the ’90s, popularity has peaked within the last decade — probably because the vast majority of Americans have smartphones now, plus Apple iOS and Android updates have made it easier than ever to scan QR codes. 

Researchers predict that QR code use will rise from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million by 2025.

There are a few benefits to using QR codes in marketing promotions:

  • Optimizing insights & metrics
  • Simplifying CTAs & increasing website traffic
  • Saving space in your designs
  • Saving paper and reducing waste

Printing QR Codes on Seed Paper

What size should my QR be?

We recommend that QR codes be at least 1” wide. However, smaller sizes may still work. The complexity of the code is important to consider when determining the size of your QR codes.

What color works best for QR codes?

Black is best because it will give you the most contrast to the paper so that it will be easily scannable on the textured seed paper.

Testing is key

The Botanical PaperWorks team always tests QR codes before production during the proofing process. If there are any issues with it scanning it on seed paper, rest assured that our team will let you know and update the artwork before printing the full order.

Need inspiration? Start brainstorming creative QR code campaigns with these ideas!

Clothing Tags & Product Packaging

QR codes printed on seed paper coffee sleeves and product hang tags

Leave room on your tags and packaging for your logo and branding elements by putting additional information in a QR code. This could include returns and exchanges information, care instructions, setup instructions, or user manuals. Consider wildflower-embedded seed paper tags, belly bands, candle dust covers, and other plantable packaging to show your commitment to reducing waste and supporting local pollinators.

Restaurant Menus & Signage

QR code printed on menus

Cut back on stacks of bulky menu books or printed menus with scannable ones. These come in handy as storefront displays too. You could also use these for WiFi login information. Make yours extra eco-friendly with seed paper tent cards or panel cards.

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Greeting Card Video Messages

Take traditional greeting cards to the next level with a QR code that takes the recipient to a personalized video message from your team. You could also print on seed paper greeting cards for a bonus gardening gift.

Panel Card Inserts

QR code printed on seed paper panel cards

Inserts with QR codes are perfect additions to product packaging. You could link to instructions for use, special offers for future purchases, or other helpful information.

Business Cards

QR code printed on seed paper business cards

In place of your URL, use a QR code to take your connections directly to your business information when you meet them at mixers and networking events. Print on wildflower-embedded seed paper business cards to start a buzz about your brand and support local pollinators.

Event Tickets & Wristbands

Help your event’s front door security by printing QR codes on wristbands and tickets. Skip the plastic options by going with seed paper wristbands as an alternative.

Promotional Swag & Gifts

QR code printed on handmade soap sampler inserts

The options for QR code giveaways are endless. For example, you could give a Custom Branded Soap Sampler Set with an insert that takes the recipient to your online catalogs and brochures, or landing pages with a secret code offer.

Custom-Shape QR Codes

custom shape QR codes

Show off the creative side of your branding with QR Codes designed in unique shapes or with your logo in the center. There are tons of different generators online that can help, including

Let these ideas spark your imagination to create a unique QR code campaign that’s perfect for your brand. There are so many ways to use QR codes, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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