How to Use Seed Paper to Promote Health & Safety in an Eco-friendly Way

Health and safety have been a top priority for people around the world since the Covid-19 pandemic began, and this has lead to some major impacts on the environment. While there has been a temporary reduction of emissions, there are several ways emergency measures have harmed our environment and set back sustainability efforts.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plastic (gloves and masks) have washed up in our oceans and littered our streets – Off the coast of West France, a group of divers on a team called Opération Mer Propre (Operation Clean Sea) recorded a video of the seabed where they found handfuls of PPE waste. A team from OceansAsia also noticed a significant increase in plastic gloves and masks washing up on the shores of the Soko’s islands. Keep Wales Tidy, a community organization in the UK, said they’ve seen more and more PPE litter in their community’s streets.
  • Laws that protect our environment have changed – Requirements for industries to report their environmental impact are on pause in Alberta. The Ontario government took away the 30-day consultation period for Ontarians to respond to city infrastructure projects before approval (including ones that may cause harm to the environment). About 87 of the environmental protection rules in the U.S. have been or are in the process of getting reversed by The Trump Administration.
  • The fight against plastic reduction has slowed down – Grocery stores, restaurants, and cafés are encouraging customers to use single-use plastic take-out boxes, cups, and bags. Some even have put signs up saying they no longer accept reusables such as coffee mugs. This is going on, despite experts telling us reusable products are safe to use, as long as these are cleaned and sanitized after use.

With this influx of plastic along with recycling program setbacks, it’s more important than ever to reduce waste and find zero waste options

Glove and mask waste polluting oceans.

Since seed paper products are fully customizable, they can be used for a wide range of messages and business needs, including promoting health and safety. Instead of generating even more waste, plantable products will have a positive impact on the planet by growing plants.

Here are 3 ways to promote health & safety with seed paper:

1) Plantable Handouts that explain the safety and prevention measures for a workplace or event.

Coronavirus safety tips printed on eco-friendly seed paper that grows.

Before you bring people together, give them tips for when to stay home and how to prevent transmission. Put your information on a postcard to hand out or a tent card to place on tables. Afterwards, they can take the postcard home and plant it in some soil to grow wildflowers.

2) Seed Paper Inserts with mask and glove disposal information

Zero waste seed paper inserts for PPE kits.

Masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes go in the trash, not the streets. Prevent littering by informing customers who come to your workplace or attend your event. You may even want to include a message about offset programs to make up for the additional waste created by increased PPE use.

3) Seed Paper Social Distancing Button Badges

Plantable seed paper button badges with a message about social distancing.

After being apart for so long, people might forget how apart they should be to stay safe. Buttons with social distancing reminders will help everyone respect boundaries. These are useful even after events to use in other day-to-day activities. Seed paper germinates when planted within 2 years, so there’s lots of time to reuse these.

There are a few benefits to choosing seed paper for eco-friendly safety promotion

  • Creating a memorable experience for your recipients and give them the tools to start gardening — The paper is infused with 6 different wildflower seeds that bloom when given proper water, sunlight, and soil.
  • Supporting eco-friendly, green values — The paper is made of recycled, post-consumer materials from schools, businesses, and other organizations.
  • Customizing your design — Choose and print your logo, artwork, and branding for any of the seed paper items in our business and promo catalogue.
  • Positive word-of-mouth and brand likeability – Those who have never heard of or seen seed paper before will be excited to plant your card. They may also share their plant growing process with friends and family, which is a bonus promotion for your brand.
  • Making an impression — Each sheet of seed paper has a different textured look from the rest which makes it look different than other mail.

Our health and safety are important and so is the health of our planet. It’s still possible to be sustainable, even during a pandemic. Remember that every small, eco-friendly change matters.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

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