IGNIS Soy Candles Connects With Customers Using Seed Paper Packaging

IGNIS Soy Candles is a handmade candle shop on Etsy that offers a wide range of unique candles that feature seven different scents and crystals. Targeted toward those who value a spiritual and conscious living, the unique candles are packaged with biodegradable seed paper belly bands that offer the recipients a gift to plant and grow with each candle.

When looking for packaging options for the product line, shop owner Vanessa Espinosa wanted to combine her love for candles, crystals, and plants. It was also very important the packaging stays true to the theory that when we take from Earth, we must give back somehow in one form or another.

When we asked her why seed paper packaging from Botanical PaperWorks became the perfect fit, Vanessa stated that:

I wanted a candle that did more, I wanted to find a way to give back to Earth, a candle that brings life and for people to experience growing plants. When I first launched using the wildflower seed paper, I dreamed about everyone having a wildflower garden in their yards which helps the declining bee and butterfly populations. Where I live, the city cuts the wildflowers because they consider them as weeds and bees and butterflies have to travel so far. I wanted to help these beautiful lives because they are so vital to our existence.

IGNIS Soy Candles Connects With Customers Using Seed Paper Packaging

By choosing Sustainable Eco Packaging that grows, IGNIS Soy Candles has been able to distinguish themselves from the many other handmade candle┬ácompanies that are out there. The seed paper packaging seems to fascinate Vanessa’s customers, and they can’t believe such a thing actually exists! Her customers value that the candle is more than just a candle which makes them a great gift for┬ábirthdays, holidays, anniversaries and weddings.

When asked about her experiences working with Botanical PaperWorks, Vanessa had wonderful feedback from the team.

“It has been a pleasure working with your team. Very professional, kind and informative. I love that you do small print runs. It has helped my vision come true with these candles. Very grateful. Thank you! “

This zero-waste plantable packaging is made with post-consumer materials embedded with seeds so it will definitely show your eco-commitment and promote corporate sustainability.

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