TWO New Chic and Sophisticated Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

Introducing TWO New Chic and Sophisticated Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

We’re excited to introduce TWO new Seed Paper Wedding Invitations that are just in time for the ever-popular spring and summer wedding seasons. Eye-catching and chic, these new collections are elegant and eco-friendly ways to announce and celebrate all aspects of your wedding with loved ones. Whether you’re tying the knot in August or Februrary, the Cupid’s Arrow Plantable Collection and the Feathers Plantable Collection are perfectly stylish for all types of weddings, whether extravagant or simple and laid back. Created with recycled post-consumer materials, the unique biodegradable paper is infused with North American seeds that grow wildflowers when planted in a pot or a garden. Not only will your friends and family enjoy these stylish new designs, but they’ll also love planting the stationery to grow a blooming bouquet of flowers.

Cupid’s Arrow Plantable Wedding Collection

These NEW Seed Paper Wedding Invitations are made with seed paper that grows wildflowers when planted in a pot or a garden!

This NEW Seed Paper Wedding Invitation features elegant lines and modern graphics that are perfect for all styles and seasons. Whether you’re planning a garden wedding or a luxurious and extravagant affair, the Cupid’s Arrow design will showcase your big day in a way that’s classic and sophisticated. Available in blue, pink, mint, purple and brown, this collection is a fabulous and unique approach to wedding stationery. Your wedding guests will be thrilled to receive this stylish stationery when they feel the unique texture of the seed paper and realize it can be planted in a pot or garden to grow wildflowers.

Available in 5 designer shades, the Cupid's Arrow Seed Paper Wedding Invitations is chic, eco-friendly and completely sophisticated.

Feathers Plantable Wedding Collection

Whimsical and romantic, the Feathers Seed Paper Wedding Invitations features rustic feather designs that would be perfect for rustic weddings.

Whimsical with touch of bohemian style, the NEW Feather Plantable Wedding Collection features a delicate feather design that is complimented with a subtle watercolor texture on selected pieces. Available in blue, pink, purple and brown, the stationery products in this collection are perfect for mixing and matching colors and would be ideal for any type of wedding, whether luxe or barn-style. Not only is this new collection chic and romantic, but it’s also completely eco-friendly as it’s made from seed paper that contains 100% post-consumer materials.

Created with stylish watercolour-like brush strokes, the Feather Seed Paper Wedding Invitations are a fabulous addition to all wedding styles.

Seed paper is a unique paper that actually grows when planted. When placed in in soil and kept moist and in the sun you will see a blend of the following wildflowers grow and bloom.

Above is a photo of wildflowers we planted from seed paper here in the office in the middle of winter. Even if your wedding is in December, our seed paper still blooms as well as it would during the summer!

Looking for more wedding stationery? We have tons to choose from including reply cards, menus, favors, seal and send wedding invitations and more! All printed on quality eco-friendly seed paper that grows flowers when planted.

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