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It’s Good To Be Green: A Tool To Help Build A Sustainable Promotional Products Industry

With growing concerns about the environment, the future of the promotional products industry is uncertain. Waste is a major focus, and consumers are no longer shying away from calling out businesses for contributing to the problem. As this awareness grows, so does the demand for goods and services that are more sustainable.

Businesses that are ready and willing to adapt are more likely to thrive, so why are so many businesses still hesitant to shift their focus to green products and services?

The fact is, becoming more eco-friendly is not straightforward, and that is especially true for promotional product companies, which operate in a complex system. However, as a material-driven industry, it’s at great risk for being categorized as wasteful, so that means navigating through what it means to be eco-friendly is a need that is immediate and perhaps even critical for the future of the industry.

The good news is that suppliers, distributors, and the clients purchasing promotional products can all take steps towards a solution and this free tool will help guide the way.

Download this paper to understand the environmental challenges the promotional product industry is facing so your business can be proactive about sustainability and thrive in the future

The paper will help your business:

  • understand the state of the environment and how we all contribute to the waste problem
  • look at the big picture of the promotional product industry as a whole
  • navigate through the confusion around what it means to be eco-friendly
  • look at tracing a product’s life-cycle and sourcing eco-friendly materials
  • understand the role of eco-literacy in decision-making
  • decide how you can make the promo industry greener
  • learn how eco-friendly promotional products can play a role in marketing


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Companies making the successful transition to being more sustainable create a structure that prioritizes having the least impact on the environment possible, including the conservation of water and energy. They evaluate all the processes of a product’s life cycle and source less harmful manufacturing materials.

Some promotional product companies are reducing the number of products they carry and are taking on the task of educating consumers about the benefits of choosing green options to improve eco-literacy and make better choices.

There are many steps the promotional product industry can take right now to improve its environmental footprint. By learning about the ecology of production and being open to new processes, companies can do their part to save the planet while capitalizing on the increasing demand to be green.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

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