Katy Perry Uses Seed Paper in PRISM Album

Katy Perry Uses Seed Paper in PRISM Album

Katy Perry's new album contains a unique seed paper piece that grows flowers.

Katy Perry’s new album PRISM is currently the top-selling female record of the year and sales of the album aren’t the only thing growing. All of the limited edition copies of the album contain a special seed paper piece that you can actually plant and grow. Katy invites recipients to “Plant the PRISM and spread the light”.

Botanical PaperWorks is an expert in eco-friendly seed paper. We are Canadian manufacturers of seed paper and we distribute it worldwide so we love that Katy Perry used seed paper for her album concept. And we’re thrilled that seed paper is getting noticed by such major names and audiences. Instead of using regular paper that ends up in landfills, this seed paper will be planted to grow flowers and leave no waste. Awesome!

But…..sadly in the case of the limited edition PRISM album, the seed paper that was used for the international version of the album has been deemed a biohazard in Australia. Katy Perry’s record company used an Australian seed for the Australian edition, but Aussies are ordering the US edition from eBay. That paper is made with a different seed and it isn’t allowed to enter the country.

It’s too bad that the seed paper used for the album doesn’t have multi-country importation approval. Then the album could be shipped without any trouble.

If you’re considering doing a promotional product or CD album cover in seed paper like Katy Perry, please contact Botanical PaperWorks. We help you with both the design and the importation logistics. After all, if you can’t get your album into the hands of your customers, that’s a big problem.

Design a seed paper CD sleeve like Katy Perry’s

Here’s an example of a classic CD sleeve printed on seed paper. Also click on this link for the seed paper piece that we did for Metric’s Synthetica Limited Edition Album which is similar to Katy Perry’s album in that the seed paper is slipped into the album.

Katy Perry Seed Paper

When you plant it, here’s what grows

From paper to flower - see how plantable paper actually blooms into gorgeous flowers.

(Image on right is from a plantable box from Jillian Wright skincare line)

If you’d like to learn more, check out the Seed Paper Promotions in a wide range of formats and price points. And contact us to speak with our customer care team about a custom piece. We look forward to speaking with you.

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