Living Green September

Living Green September

I know we technically have one more day before it is officially September, but I wanted to catch you before you left to enjoy your long weekends.

Flipping the page of my Eco Calendar to September, I instantly smile and think of Robyn from our Customer Care department. She is just mildly OBSESSED with dragonflies, and as shown in the image below September’s page features a gorgeous design of a dragonfly and flower. When I asked her about it, she let me know that when they first released the calendar she was already eagerly awaiting September, just so she could flip the page to her beloved dragonfly.

For that reason Robyn was excited for September, but for many it is that dreaded time of year again…Fall. Where the leaves start turning, the air becomes a little crisper, and you have to locate your “warmer” clothing. I happen to love fall. I love the beautiful array of warm yellow and vibrant orange colors painting the trees, cozying up with some tea and a comfy sweater by the bonfire, and going for jogs in the evening – where I don’t feel like passing out from the 40 degree+ temperature.

It’s also this time of year that I try to think of ways to stay green. So I did a little “digging” and found out that Fall is the best time of year for composting! So this month’s tips for Living Green are based on Fall composting.

Botanical PaperWorks Living Green September Composting Tips

Image from Melissa Majora – Vegetables, where you can find other helpful tips on composting.

Tip #1: Fall is the season to gather a wealth of carbon rich matter, such as leaves, that will benefit your compost for the rest of the year. The leaves are also great for creating layers between the different materials in your compost.

Tip #2: At this time of year you should be looking for things such as leaves, vines, shrub prunings, straw, dried garden waste, all of which you will find in abundance right now.

Tip #3: You can never have too many leaves, they are good all year long, if you gather too many to fit in your compost right now, you can seal them and use them in the spring when the snow melts. Leaves are very rich in carbon and other nutrients that are great for breaking down other materials in your compost. Your carbon rich matter will be great for the spring when you want to put the nutrients back into your garden soil or the patches in your grass.

We want to know what your plans are for living green this Fall? Post a comment or share with us on our Facebook page, we’re always curious to find new ways to live and be green. Enjoy your long weekends!


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