Find out how eco-friendly seed paper can help make your subscription box or home delivery kit stand out from competitors.

Make Your Subscription Box or Home Delivery Stand Out With Seed Paper

We’re living in the age of technology and contactless communication. There are multiple social media platforms, apps for almost every need, streaming services, chatbots, and household voice-automated AI products.

Then there are subscription boxes that are delivered right to your door. These curated, mail-delivered gift packages can include everything from grooming supplies to pre-coordinated outfits, fan club gear, book club reads, wine selections, step-by-step meals, even activity kits for kids.

The most popular and successful in the industry, among many, include Birchbox, Ipsy, and Dollar Shave Club. As a whole, the subscription box service industry is worth about $12 to $15 billion.

When the industry started to balloon, so did the competition. Now in 2020, subscription boxes and home delivery companies have more competition and need to find ways to stand out in the noisy market.

Plantable seed paper in a subscription box or kit.

The benefits of including seed paper

  • By sharing plantable seed paper in your kit, you’ll be adding a fun and uplifting experience for customers. Since the paper is embedded with seeds, they’ll be able to plant the paper in soil and grow wildflowers or herbs.
  • As a zero-waste, biodegradable, eco-friendly option, seed paper will also show your customers that you care about the planet. Eco-conscious customers will love that you’re doing your part and connecting with them about something that is so important.
  • It’s something different and fun that will help set you apart from your competitors.
  • It’s a great way to encourage people to get outside and connect with nature.
  • Seed paper is printable and customizable, so you can add your branding. You can also choose from a variety of colors and seed types to make it just right for your branded kit.

3 ways to incorporate seed paper into your subscription box

1) Add a branded seed paper insert card. On the card, include other information such as thank-you message, something seasonal, a promotional offer, and/or something about your company’s values. Choose from various-sized panel cards or business cards that are available in customizable designs and colors.

2) Add some seed paper confetti in the shape of hearts or flowers. An eco-friendly alternative to glitter or microplastic confetti, seed paper confetti is made from recycled paper waste and will grow into your choice of wildflowers or herbs. It’s a fun, decorative addition to add some charm to your kit.

3) Use seed paper box filler. The perfect alternative to Styrofoam, fresh paper shreds, and plastic; eco-friendly seed paper filler supports and protects various products from shuffling around while in transit. Make sure your products are properly sized and sturdy enough for seed paper filler. Note that seed paper filler is not recommended for food product shipping.

Other tips for curating your subscription box

  • Pick a niche, then surprise and delight people. Is there a magazine, fansite, community club, or Reddit threads for this interest? Are there true enthusiasts for what you’re putting together in your delivery service?
  • Create an experience for your subscribers. What does your ideal subscriber value? What community does your ideal subscriber want to be a part of? Find and build for your subscriber what they didn’t realize they needed.
  • Make your service personalized. Start using a registration quiz or questionnaire to get to know your potential subscriber’s personality. Let your subscribers choose what they get in the box before you ship the box out.
  • Include valuable incentives. Referral programs are one way to increase positive word-of-mouth. Test-for-free programs also help build trust with potential customers.
  • Think about adding bonus gifts or surprise customers with unexpected perks.
  • Polish your presentation. Make a positive first impression to help keep subscribers. Support, protect, and display your products in a visually-appealing way and consider custom manufacturing packaging or including specialized add-ons such as unique fillers or inserts such as seed paper.

Remember that just because there are hundreds of subscription boxes and home delivery services out there doesn’t mean there isn’t still a need for new or different services. No customer is exactly the same. There is always a need to fill or community to build. Keep listening to what your customers ask for, serve them well, and keep growing.

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