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A Collection of Our Memorable Moments from 2022

Another year has come and gone and with it came so many moments we will cherish. A lot has happened at Botanical PaperWorks since January, from launching new products to celebrating our 25th anniversary. Some challenges came up too, but no matter what came our way, we found opportunities for learning and joy through all the ups and downs. That’s worth celebrating, so we put together a round-up of a few memorable moments to look back on as we bid adieu to 2022 and welcome 2023!

1. Launching handmade paper

handmade paper (unseeded) from Botanical PaperWorks

Back in the early days before Botanical PaperWorks was known for its seed paper, our CEO Heidi and her mom experimented with lots of papermaking recipes. Handmade paper is part of our origin story, and this year we felt inspired to do a throwback to that past by launching unseeded handmade paper. These sheets have a wonderfully soft and luxurious texture making it perfect for wedding stationery and other DIY paper projects. It’s also made with paper waste just like our seed paper so it’s a great option for eco-friendly branding.

2. Celebrating our 25th anniversary

Botanical PaperWorks 25th anniversary celebration

Growing as a business has been an incredible journey for Botanical PaperWorks since it was founded 25 years ago. We recognize that it took not only dedication from our co-founders but also loyalty from customers and employees to reach this milestone. To celebrate that collaborative effort, we had a catered anniversary lunch and gave team members gift bags filled with treats and eco-friendly items. The event was a hit and one to remember.

3. Giving our team Botanical PaperWorks t-shirts

Botanical PaperWorks team members wearing branded t-shirts

At our 25th anniversary, our team members got branded Botanical PaperWorks t-shirts by BELLA+CANVAS from Toba Sportswear and printed by Above All Screening. The tees are sustainably made with clean quality cotton and eco-friendly dyes using 7x less water than many other clothing manufacturers. The team members loved the color and fit of the shirts and some even started wearing them every Monday!

4. Getting featured in the Globe + Mail

Heidi Reimer-Epp featured on The Globe and Mail

A big news story we won’t soon forget! Our CEO, Heidi Reimer-Epp spoke with reporter Joel Schlesinger in an interview with The Globe and Mail. They discussed how Botanical PaperWorks stayed strong and kept bringing in business opportunities, even in the middle of 2020 when the world as we knew it changed.

5. Attending Natcon & winning Best In Sustainability Award

Heidi Reimer-Epp from Botanical PaperWorks awarded Best In Sustainability at PPPC Natcon

Returning to in-person trade shows at Natcon 2022 was an exciting and overall success for Botanical PaperWorks this year. Not only did our team meet with many new distributors and end-users, and show off our new custom-branded handmade soaps, but we received the Best In Sustainability PPPC award with distributor Rachel Ramos from Lifestyles Promotions. This award recognizes suppliers and distributors for their creativity, vision, and strategic effort in promotional product marketing. It’s an honor to receive this recognition from PPPC, one of the most well-known and regarded organizations in the promotional products industry.

6. Having a sundae bar day

ice cream sundae bar day at Botanical PaperWorks

Our team is so sweet that we decided to surprise them with a pop-up ice cream sundae bar. It made for a pretty exciting lunch break. Just look at all those colorful candies and berries!

7. Attending Women’s Leadership Conference and WEE

Heidi Reimer-Epp, CEO of Botanical PaperWorks at PPPC WEE 2022

Staying active in our community of women in the promotional products industry is important to us. We believe that connecting, learning from, and uplifting each other creates lasting change and helps create a brighter future for all. This year, our CEO Heidi attended PPPC’s Women’s Empowerment Event 2022 and team member Larysa attended PPAI Women’s Leadership Conference.

8. Raising over $2000 with Save Our Oceans Soap and Pride Promotions

Botanical PaperWorks Save Our Oceans branded soap and pride promotional products

Throughout 2022, a portion of all of the sales from Botanical PaperWorks Save Our Oceans Soaps went directly to Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation. A portion of sales from our plantable pride promotions also went towards a good cause — PFLAG Canada, an organization that offers peer support, education, and advocacy for all sexualities, genders, and gender expressions. With the help of clients who have purchased these custom-branded soaps and pride promotions for their businesses, Botanical PaperWorks has been able to donate over $1000 to each organization since the products were launched in 2022.

9. Attending the CME Manitoba Event

Heidi Reimer-Epp, CEO of Botanical PaperWorks at CME Manitoba event

Our CEO and Co-Founder Heidi Reimer-Epp and team members attended a Women in Manufacturing Event at Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. Women are traditionally under-represented in the manufacturing industry so the purpose of this event was to bring together some amazing women and provide networking opportunities and professional development. We’re proud to be a women-founded and women-led business that supports women in manufacturing and in leadership!

10. Our annual team holiday party

Heidi Reimer-Epp, CEO of Botanical PaperWorks with team members in a group holiday photo

Gathering together is a gift! This year, we got together at our headquarters for a dinner catered by one of our favorites, Urban Prairie Cuisine, who served a delicious holiday lunch buffet to our team. We all wore our most festive attire and it made for the best photo op.

What are some of your highlights from 2022? We’d love to hear from you in the comments of this post!

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