More seed paper colors!

You probably recognize these colors by now, because it seems like everyone really likes them!

new seed paper colors

It wasn’t that long ago that I told you about these new seed paper colors and a special graduation offer. Less than a month ago, actually. But wouldn’t you know it, we’re back to tell you about even MORE new seed paper colors! Check these ones out!

new seed paper colors june

Brick Red, Purple, French Blue, Teal, Burnt Orange and Mustard Yellow are all ready to go! We love all of these new colors, and hope you do too. With all of the great feedback we received from you after the last batch of new colors, we went all-out with these ones.

All of the colors have been added to our plantable memorial cards, as well as our plantable wedding favors.

Although they’re not listed just yet with the rest of our seed paper sheets, they will be soon! You can definitely order these sheets of seed paper on their own, just contact us to place your order!


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