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Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking about what that means for your business. Strategic marketers will always capitalize on these important life celebrations because they are a great opportunity to connect with customers to build brand loyalty and awareness.

Since it’s the perfect time of year to get outdoors and celebrate nature, seed paper promotions and custom-branded handmade soaps are a match made in heaven for Mother’s Day Marketing. With the right amount of creativity, you can grow brand awareness, profits and help the planet!

Here are a few specific ways to give your business a boost this Mother’s Day:

Share a giveaway

Seed Paper Planting Sticks are the perfect promotional giveaway for Mother's Day!
If there is one thing mom’s love, it’s free stuff! Sharing a free gift on Mother’s Day, or on the days leading up to it can get your business noticed and build positive brand associations. Pick something that appeals to family values and shows appreciation to really connect with them.

Seed paper giveaways that grow wildflowers are an excellent choice because not only are they are budget-friendly, customizable, and symbolic, but most moms love flowers! With creative marketing, you can create a plantable giveaway like the customized Planting Sticks or handmade soap giveaways shown above, that will showcase your branding and make all the moms out there excited to get outside planting.

Offer special packaging for gift cards

Offer a bonus gift of wildflowers to plant and grow to give your gift cards a competitive advantage this Mother's Day.
Gift cards are a great gift at any time of year and for that reason, there is a ton of competition. Add an incentive to purchase your gift cards with some unique gift card packaging such as plantable seed paper which will add value to your gift card. It will not only give you a competitive advantage over other gift card ideas, but it will be more memorable for those who gave and received the cards, which will help build brand loyalty.

Raise funds for a good cause

Raising money for a good cause and spread awareness as well as wildflowers with a Mother’s Day campaign using seed paper.
Raising money for a good cause and spreading awareness with your Mother’s Day campaign is basically a win-win. You can do a little good for the world while also helping build your brand following.

Responsible branding that gives back in some way will make people feel good about aligning themselves with you and will humanize your organization. Seed paper promotions naturally do that because they send a positive message for the environment and are also very symbolic, so they can tie into all kinds of charity drives and causes. Try a plantable printed shape that ties into your campaign message to make it memorable and fun.

Promote a sale in a unique way

Promote a Mother's Day sale in a unique way that will get defintley noticed with plantable paper direct mail promotions.
As with any holiday, sales will be in full swing this Mother’s Day and that can make it very hard to stand out. In order to get noticed and make your sale stand out, try spreading the news of your sale in a unique way. Seed paper promotions work because they always get noticed. Whether it’s a direct mail piece, a handout, or a coupon, spreading the word by spreading wildflowers is genius!

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