Learn more about the latest seed paper wedding invitation collection that is bursting with beautiful blooms!

NEW Floral Wedding Invitations That Can Be Planted To Grow Real Flowers

Flowers have been the heart and soul of weddings since the beginning. Sure the style trends come and go, but a wedding without flowers is like a night without the stars. Sure it happens, but it just isn’t the same, or as beautiful.

As big flower lovers, we have designed a lot of seed paper wedding invitations with floral elements over the years. Considering that our plantable paper grows into real flowers, it’s no wonder why. They are simply one of favorite design elements to work with, and printed on seed paper that grows they become even more magical. So when we set out to design yet another stationery collection to add to our wedding line, we wanted to create something that would truly capture the romance and captivating spirit of lush blossoms and work for a variety of seasons.

Introducing the Beautiful Blooms Plantable Wedding Collection!

Learn more about the latest seed paper wedding invitations collection that is bursting with beautiful blooms!
Filled with pretty fresh blooms that will brighten almost anyone’s mood, this floral wedding stationery is elegant, stylish and completely eco-friendly. Each piece is made with post-consumer material and is completely biodegradable, so no waste will be left behind. It’s perfect for couples that want to plan a wedding in an environmentally responsible way but don’t want to make sacrifices on style.

Shop that latest floral wedding invitations collection made with eco-friendly seed paper that grows real flowers!
We started this new collection with a trip to our favorite florist, Academy Florist where they helped us pick out some fresh blooms for the design we had in mind. The dusty rose and deep red peonies were perfect and became the heart of the design and the highlight of our designer’s day when she got to work with them! We absolutely love the finished wedding collection, and we hope you do too. If you have your own design idea in mind that you would like to see on plantable seed paper, contact us. We’d love to hear your ideas.

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