New Peacock Wedding Suite Created for Eco Weddings

Eco-Conscious Wedding Planners Spur New Plantable Peacock Wedding Stationery Suite from Seed Paper Company Botanical PaperWorks.


March 16, 2011 – For more than 13 years, Botanical PaperWorks has been manufacturing and designing stationery using their eco-friendly seed paper, that grows when planted. While being eco-friendly is no longer a trend so much as a global way of life, stationery design and trends are ever-changing. For this reason, the company is proud to announce the newest edition to their ever-growing catalog of unique and stylish wedding components, the plantable Peacock Wedding Stationery Suite.

“Wedding trends as of late are very organic”, said Botanical PaperWorks president, Heidi Reimer-Epp, “Vintage looks and feather accents have become a large part of a growing number of wedding days. Everything from rustic bouquets and venues right down to whimsically-styled photography. I feel that this stationery set will beautifully complement any wedding though, in both its look and eco-friendly, plantable function.”

The Peacock Wedding Stationery Suite has been designed using a variety of this year’s most sought-after color combinations: Green and Blue, Mustard and Gold, and Honeysuckle and Slate. Couples can choose the color combination of their choice, and input all the information to be printed conveniently on the Botanical PaperWorks online store. The seed paper products, when planted in soil, will then grow into a blooming memento of their Wedding Day. Elegant and designed with flair, these feathery wedding cards and favors are made from post-consumer waste so they leave nothing behind.

These carefully handmade seed paper stationery pieces are embedded with only the best high-grade North American seeds and bloom wildflowers such as Catchfly, Black Eyed Susan, and Sweet Alyssum. “The goal in creating these products,” says Heidi, “Is that couples will easily find a stylish solution for their wedding, simplifying a task that’s often been perceived as daunting, but also tends to set the tone for the day as well. Their wedding guests will appreciate the eco-friendly gesture, as well as being invited to share in the Big Day and will love the gift of flowers that they’re given at the same time.”

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About Botanical PaperWorks:
Botanical PaperWorks is the leader in superior quality, plantable seed paper invitations and favors. The company develops wedding products that grow wildflowers for individuals and couples celebrating milestone events in a stylish and environmentally responsible manner.

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Heidi Reimer-Epp

Company President, Botanical PaperWorks
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Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA R3B 0M1


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