Three plantable memorial products that were made to celebrate and remember loved ones in a natural, eco-friendly and symbolic way

New Plantable Memorial Products That Grow Flowers In Memory

When planning a memorial service for someone you love, there are so many things to take care of, and it can feel overwhelming at times. With the many things to do and all the emotions that come, it can be easy to forget that the most important thing is to find solace in remembering them and celebrating the life they lived. Losing someone is one of the most difficult parts of life but honoring them and cherishing their memory is something you can hold on to.

At Botanical PaperWorks, we have been producing plantable seed paper products for such occasions for many years. Our memorial products line is filled with small tokens that were made to commemorate and celebrate lives in a natural, eco-friendly and beautifully symbolic way. We love adding new products for our customers that are looking for the right pieces to share with friends and family in memory of their loved one.

Our customers are daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, mothers…the list goes on. No matter who it may be, we cherish the fact that we can help in some small way and strive to make the ordering process as easy and time-efficient as possible.

Take a look at these 3 new plantable memorial products that grow flowers in memory: 

Plant In Memory Memorial Petal Cards

Share these blooming memorial seed cards with friends and family in memory of a loved one.
(Photo insert shown in photo not included)

These blooming cards come in a variety of seed paper colors and have flaps that fold up like the petals of a budding flower. There is plenty of room for a special quote or message, their name, and dates. They can also be used to hold a small photo.

Plantable Flower Shape Memorial Cards

Share and grow wildflowers in memory with these beautiful and lively flower shaped memorial seed cards.

These lively flowers celebrate their life in a way that is a colorful and joyous as they were. The top flower shape attached is embedded with a blend of North American wildflower seeds that will sprout and grow real flowers when planted in soil. Friends and family will love this sweet and symbolic way to way of remembering them.

Wildflower Memorial Planting Kit

Celebrate their life by planting and growing flowers with these beautiful Memorial Planting Kits.

Personalize these beautiful memorial planting gifts with a name, dates, and a custom quote or message to offer friends and family a special way to honor their loved one. Each planting kit has everything needed to plant and grow wildflowers indoors, so no matter what time of year the service may be, they can grow a plant in memory. The seed paper and the pot are biodegradable, so when the sprouts get bigger, they can replant them outside, and no waste will be left behind.

Browse through tons of seed paper memorial favors by

If you like the idea of growing colorful blooms in memory of your loved one, take a look at these other plantable memorial products that are made to celebrate their life in a unique and eco-friendly way.

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