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New Plantable Products For Eco-friendly Baby Showers & Birth Announcements

When it comes to celebrating life’s most special moments, there is nothing more joyous and heartwarming that welcoming a new baby to the family. From the moment the mommy and daddy find out they are expecting to that special day they are born, there will be so many smiles and dreams of what will be. That’s why we are so thrilled to share these new plantable baby products with you that was made to celebrate a new life by growing new life!

To help you share your love and excitement in an eco-friendly way that is memorable and truly special, we have added all kinds of new baby products such as photo birth announcements, eco confetti for gender reveals and a variety of fun baby shower invitations and favors. Not only do these plantable products reduce waste, but when planted, they will contribute to local habitats and have a positive impact on the environment by growing wildflowers.

By celebrating special life moments like a new baby in an eco-friendly way, we can all help GROW a better future for generations to come.

Take a look at these new products for eco-friendly baby showers & birth announcements:

Plantable Photo Birth Announcements

These adorable Plantable Photo Birth Announcements are an eco-friendly way to announce the birth of your new little one. Friends and family will be able to celebrate new life by growing new life!

To help parents share their love and excitement, we’ve added six adorable photo birth announcements with seed paper shapes attached. Each with a variety colors for both boys and girls as well as the option to choose custom colors, these cute cards share a keepsake photo, your custom special message and a gift they can plant to thank friends and family for their support. From a plantable teddy to a cute buzzing bee, these creative ideas are a memorable way to share your joy.

Shop Plantable Photo Birth Announcements

Seed Paper Baby Shower Invitations

These Seed Paper Baby Shower Invitations are perfect for those planning eco-friendly baby showers! When recipients make note of the details, they can plant the seed paper to grow wildflowers!

Perfect for those planning all-natural or eco-friendly baby showers, these adorable seed paper baby shower invitations share event details in a special way and won’t create excess waste. With a variety of designs and colors to choose from, including the option to customize the colors, you’ll easily be able to find the right style for your upcoming baby shower. Not to mention how your friends and family will love and appreciate the gift they can plant in celebration!

Shop Eco-friendly Baby Shower Invitations

Seed Paper Baby Shower Favors

These Seed Paper Baby Shower Favors are a perfect way to make eco-friendly baby showers special and memorable without creating all kinds of excess waste.

When it comes to planning an eco-friendly baby shower, you’ll want to make it special and memorable without creating all kinds of excess waste. Plantable baby shower favors show appreciation, love and excitement in a way that won’t leave any waste behind. Your guests can take them home to plant and grow symbolic wildflowers in their gardens or a pot of soil as a unique way to commemorate the new baby.

Shop Eco-friendly Baby Shower Favors

Seed Confetti For Baby Showers & Gender Reveals

This Plantable Eco Confetti is perfect for gender reveals, eco-friendly baby showers and gift giving. The pieces are embedded with seeds that grow colorful wildflowers when planted in soil!

Perfect for gender reveals, baby showers and gift giving, this celebratory confetti is embedded with seeds that grow colorful wildflowers when planted in soil. Use it for decor on table tops or in DIY favors to share with all your guests at baby showers or gender reveal parties. It’s a fun and eco way to celebrate that you can feel good about; it doesn’t leave any waste behind and it will grow flowers that benefit bees and other important pollinators.

Shop Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Eco Confetti

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