zero-waste planting kit wedding favors

New Planting Kit Wedding Favors

Plantable wedding favors are a wonderful and unique gift that guests love and enjoy taking home. Not only are they less wasteful than some traditional favors, but they give something special, symbolic and meaningful. And even if it’s not planting season, you can still share a gift that grows by choosing something that is perfect to plant indoors like these biodegradable Planting Kit Wedding Favors. Whether you’re having a summer, autumn or even a winter wedding, these pretty little planting pots make a great gift.

Each Planting Kit Wedding Favor includes everything your guests will need to grow tasty herbs or wildflowers with zero-waste left behind.

The whole thing is biodegradable, and the seed paper packaging is made from post-consumer material so it’s one of the greenest gifts you can choose to give. Plus, you get to customize the front to feature your names and a personalized thank you message.

How does it work?

Inside each planting pot is a PREMIUM COCO COIR wafer that expands to 7 times its volume when you add water. They are PEAT FREE and have added nutrients and unique water-saving polymers that reduce watering by half! Once the wafer expands, all they have to do is tear off a good chunk of the seed paper wrap and place it under 1/8″ of the soil and keep it moist in a sunny spot to sprout and grow. When the plants grow bigger, you can re-plant the whole thing outside.

Wildflower Planting Kit Wedding Favors

Each biodegradable Planting Kit Wedding Favor includes everything needed to grow wildflowers with zero-waste left behind.

If you love the symbolism of flowers and the benefits they have for important pollinators, choose the wildflower seed paper option that will grow a blend of North American wildflowers. The plantable paper wrap is packed with seeds so your guest can plant some of the paper in the pot as well as plant the rest outside in the spring or in other pots indoors. As they watch the sprouts grow bigger and bigger, they’ll be reminded of your special day and how love truly grows!

Herb Planting Kit Wedding Favors

Each biodegradable Planting Kit Wedding Favor includes everything needed to grow tasty herbs with zero-waste left behind.

If you love to cook and want to share something your guests that they can use and enjoy in their own recipes, you’ll love the herb seed versions that grow a blend of parsley, basil, and oregano. There are tons of seeds embedded in the seed paper wrap, so they’ll be able to grow a small garden of herbs indoors or in their garden.

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